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Nowadays, there is only one trend of mobile gaming and that is Pokemon GO. This free game is available for Android and iOS. Although it has been launched in only thirty countries, it has gained a lot of success in a very short span of time. If you have Pokemon GO on your mobile, you might have faced a few problems. The very first or the most irritating problem is – you have to keep changing your location to find Pokemon.

On the map of Pokemon GO, you can find your location and the nearest Pokemon. To solve this issue here is an online tool called Pokecrew that will show you an exact location of Pokemon so that you can visit that specific place and catch the Pokemon.

TIP: You can also play Pokemon Go on Windows computer.

Pokecrew is a Pokemon locator

 Pokecrew is a Pokemon locator

In simple words, Pokecrew is a Pokemon locator that displays a detailed map and the available Pokemon. It has mainly two parts. First, the Map and second, the Pokemon details.

Like I said before, the Map will show you all the Pokemon and users can visit that place to catch it. On the other hand, you can find all the details or information on any Pokemon from “Pokemon details” section.

There are several things what you should keep in mind while catching a Pokemon. For example, the CP (Combat Power), HP (Hit Points), timing and more others. The CP defines the power of a Pokemon in a battle. At the same time, the HP also does almost the same thing, but HP can be reduced during a battle.

In addition, you can find the weakness, strength, type etc. in the same place. For instance, you can know whether a Pokemon is strong against Fairy or not or weak against the rock or not etc. For your information, these things are required in a battle.

Pokecrew can be used in two different ways. First, you can just check the map and find a Pokemon. Second, you can select a Pokemon and get their location. After opening Pokecrew, you can find them all. To get a particular Pokemon’s location, just select your location and click on the respective Pokemon on your right-hand side.

If you like Pokecrew and want to catch more Pokemon in a no-nonsense way, you can visit pokecrew.com. And remember, you must always follow these Pokemon Go safety tips.

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