10 best pluggable USB Audio Adapters available today for PC & Laptop

Different devices use different ports and different systems to transmit and receive signals. The same is true for audio signals. Some devices might need a 3.5mm jack to transmit signals and some might need a USB for the same. You cannot use a USB cable to connect to any other port directly.

Best pluggable USB Audio Adapters

To solve this problem, you can use audio adapters which serve as a signal modification link between the 2 types of signals. Here’s a list of top 10 pluggable USB audio adapters available on Amazon.

1] AmazonBasics USB Type-C to USB 3.1 Gen1 Female Adapterpluggable USB Audio AdaptersAmazonBasics products are one of my favorites. Amazon provides an exclusive no-questions-asked exchange warranty on AmazonBasics products, and their audio adapter comes with a 1-year warranty. This adapter has a USB female port and a Type C port to connect it to mobile devices. One good application of this device would be to connect your flash drive to your phone directly. This adapter could be bought from Amazon here.

2] LZYCO USB External Stereo Audio Sound AdapterLZYCO USB External Stereo Audio Sound AdapterThe company calls LZYCO’s USB External Stereo Audio Sound Adapter and easy fix for a failed 3.5mm jack on a computer. Simply plug it to your system’s USB 2.0 port (which is usually avoided for actual data transfer), and start using it. The product doesn’t need any drivers and is compatible with almost every computer as far as it’s not too old for USB 2.0 ports. The adapter is one of the cheapest options on the list. You could purchase it from Amazon here.

3] UGREEN USB 3.0 Hub 3 Ports USB Sound Card 2 in 1 External Stereo Audio AdapterUGREEN USB 3.0 Hub 3 Ports USB Sound Card 2 in 1 External Stereo Audio AdapterThis audio adapter by UGREEN is one of the most versatile of options available on the list. The device is a complete hub which has 3 female USB ports, one male USB port, and two 3.5mm slots. It is ideal for those who plan to use adapters for gaming. The reviews assure that the product is durable well beyond its 1-year warranty. If you like the product, you could check it on Amazon here.

4] Plugable USB Audio AdapterPlugable USB Audio AdapterPlugable is one of the most favored brands in the industry. This audio adapter by Plugable is a very simple device with no cord attached. One end is to be connected to the USB port of your system and the other is free for connecting 3.5mm jacks. Perhaps, the best use of this device could be as a quick replacement for a faulty 3.5mm port on your system. It is available on Amazon.

5] UGREEN USB Sound Card External Converter USB Audio AdapterUGREEN USB Sound Card External Converter USB Audio AdapterThis USB to 3.5mm convertor is ideal for those who prefer their systems simple. The adapter has only one USB and one 3.5mm slot but offers a fast transfer rate. You can use it with any laptop since it doesn’t need any specific driver. The product uses advanced C-Media IC technology for data transfer. You can buy it from Amazon here.

6] Sabrent USB External Stereo Sound AdapterSabrent USB External Stereo Sound AdapterSabrent is another reputed brand which makes computer peripherals. Their devices are known for quality and durability. This audio adapter by Sabrent is a simple one which doesn’t need any drivers and is thus compatible with almost all devices. You could use it as a replacement for your faulty 3.5mm port on your system or for devices which do not have a 3.5mm port. The adapter is available on Amazon.

7] StarTech 7.1 USB Audio AdapterStarTech 7.1 USB Audio AdapterThe StarTech 7.1 USB Audio Adapter is complex, sophisticated, and worth it. The device has multiple 3.5mm ports and USB ports. It is suitable for those who are professionally in the audio industry. The controls could be used to change the volume and sound it. Since this adapter uses drivers, please confirm its compatibility with your laptop prior to buying it. You could buy the product from Amazon here.

8] BENGOO External Audio AdapterBENGOO External Audio AdapterBENGOO’s audio adapter has a single USB input and 3.5mm output. The best part is the option for volume controls which allow users to increase sound beyond the capabilities of the laptop itself, however, make sure your speaker can handle it. The device does not need any drivers and is thus compatible with any system. You could mute the microphone and/or the speaker from the adapter itself using ON/OFF buttons. The product could be bought from Amazon here.

9] Micolindun External Sound Card USB Hubs Audio AdapterMicolindun External Sound Card USB Hubs Audio AdapterThe Micolindun Audio Adapter is the snazziest device in this list. The adapter has one USB input slot and multiple 3.5mm output ports. Thus, you could connect all your audio output devices like headphone, speakers, etc to the same system at the same time. Micolindun’s adapter has its own chipset, and thus needs drivers, so verify your device’s compatibility prior to buying it. The adapter is available at Amazon here.

10] CableCreation USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio AdapterCableCreation USB to 3.5mm Jack Audio AdapterWhile CableCreation is still a new brand in the market, the reviews of the product made it worthy on this list. The simple adapter could be used as a replacement to a faulty 3.5mm jack. This product can be bought from Amazon.

Which one do you prefer?

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