How to play two audio tracks simultaneously in Windows Movie Maker

There are times when a need could arise where you had to put two background audio files, that run simultaneously in a movie prepared with Windows Movie Maker. You can add many audio tracks and can run them in sequence but to run 2 audio tracks simultaneously, it needs a small trick of rendering them twice.

First we will just see the regular way, where we can add multiple tracks that plays in sequence. After adding your videos and photos, you have to add an audio file. You need not make this audio file cover the entire storyboard timeline; instead we can adjust its starting and ending point.Next, again we can continue adding next audio track using the option ‘Add music at the current point’ keeping the cursor at the appropriate position in the Storyboard timeline.In this way we can play them in sequence; that is one after the other.

Make Windows Movie Maker play 2 audio tracks simultaneously

You may ask when could such a situation or need arise. Actually this requirement was put before me by one of the users. He wanted to make a movie out of lots of photos, where he wanted to insert his own narrations, while the background music, continued playing. So in such cases, we will have 2 audio tracks playing simultaneously.

First, prepare your narration files. Maybe you could make use of Windows in-built Sound Recorder for this.

Place your multiple narration audio files against the required photo sequence in timeline using the method shown above. Here make sure that you keep the Music volume Maximum for these narration file.

Now Save the movie in High Quality so that quality remains good as we require to render it again. Close Movie Maker.

Next open the Movie you just made in Movie Maker. This movie has all the narrations with it. Next add the background music file to entire timeline. But make sure you keep the volume of background music low so that the narration files are heard along with it.

You can then preview it by running it and adjusting the volume. You may need to carry out some adjustments to reach the correct volume level. Now again Save the movie in High Quality.

That’s all.

If you don’t yet have the Windows Movie Maker, get it free from Microsoft.

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