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Pizza Pointer, Sleep Tracker, Gestulator Windows Phone apps you want to try

There are over 300,000 Windows Phone apps on the store at the time of writing this post. Discovering the best app which suits your need is a bit of a challenge. Apps which fulfills a specific need are adopted by the phone users on day to day basis. What we are trying to do here is pick 3 good utility apps out of the 300,000+ and walking through it one by one so that you can give it a try on your Windows Phone.

Let us check out Pizza Pointer, Sleep Tracker and Gestulator apps for Windows Phone.

Utility apps for Windows Phone

1. Pizza Pointer

This location aware Windows Phone app is a savior for you when you are in a new place and looking for some pizzas to have. The app has a  simple yet stunning design which intelligently points out the direction of pizza store, all thanks to your phone’s compass.  The app lists out the near by pizza joints in your area, in the order of nearest, first. You can either browse through the pizza shops by clicking next or view them on a map, all at once.

The application pulls the restaurant details from FourSquare and also displays the rating and reviews of a particular restaurant. A neat little app which you can have it on your Windows Phone to spot the best and nearest pizza restaurant around you.

Download link.

2. Sleep Tracker

Wondering what this app is all about? Sleep Tracker app helps to measure the quality of your sleep. How does it really work? Just before you go for sleep, use this app to set an wake-up alarm and hit on track, the device  silently senses your sleep – by detecting the sound and movement you make during the interval of your sleep.

This app will get you some interesting facts which you never knew about your own sleep. Stuff like when exactly you enter the “deep sleep” and “light sleep” mode are detected, the app is a good sleep tracking app which helps your understand about your own sleep by giving interesting insights in the form of charts and graphs.

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3. Gestulator

The Calculator is among the best invention by the man. Every phone comes with its default calculator app. What distinguishes Gestulator app from the rest is the way you provide the input. As the name “Gestulator” indicates, core operations of calculator like addition, subtraction etc are done via gestures in this app.

Gestulator provides a great elegant numerical input display with out any operators, if you want to add 2 numbers all you need to do is swipe up to generate the plus sign, like wise swipe down for subtraction, swipe right for multiplication and swipe left for division. A simple, cool and new approach for solving all your computational needs!

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We hope you liked this app list. If you come across any new interesting Windows Phone apps, do share it with us by commenting below, we can cover about it here or in our upcoming posts.