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Pirates Love Daisies, an HTML5 Tower Defense Game, plays best on Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft has announced the launch of  Pirates Love Daisies, an HTML5 Tower Defense Game, developed by Grant Skinner, the world-famous Flash guru, and his team.

Grant Skinner, the leader of the team that built the game, has reported his experience on his blog. He shared some interesting thought about the shift of paradigm for an experienced Flash developer approaching HTML5. He has also described some of the unexpected, but pleasant, surprises and challenges he faced during the development phase

Grant described Internet Explorer 9 as “smoking fast.” It’s the only browser that can provide the experience you would expect as a game player. Grant designed a lot of little details (lightning flashes, thunder claps, rolling sea waves, flying birds, drifting clouds, etc) that improve user experience.

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He has reported the results in the table below:

For a full read visit MSDN Blogs.

If you are using Internet Explorer 9, make sure to play the game Pirates Love Daisies!

Perceptions not withstanding, Internet Explorer 9 is the fastest and most secure browser! Download IE9 and check it out for yourself and let us know what you feel.