Pick and Save Multiple Images from a Website with ImagePicker

Downloading multiple images from a web page can be a bothering task especially when you  have to save them separately and individually. Image Picker, a Firefox extension aims to make this process much simpler and easy-going.

It picks multiple images from a website and saves them to your local disk while you browse. The core feature of the application is that it does not confuse you with any sort of pages that are full of settings or if-then-else options. Besides, extension at first uses the Firefox cache if any images are stored in it to save bandwidth and speed up the downloading process.

When installed, Image Picker adds an option to Firefox context menu that can download images from a particular web page. Clicking on this option opens up a new window wherein user can access filters to limit the thumbnail display.

The user can also change the preferences of the software by accessing the add-on option from the ‘Add-on Manager’. To save all the downloaded images, click on the Browse button and select the location of the folder where you want the Image Picker to save the images and click on ‘OK’. The add-on will automatically create a new folder based on the name of the web page you are browsing and save all the selected images to your computer.

Note that all images are selected for download by default. However, check boxes to block some of them from being downloaded are available. Also, you need to specify a download path for the images before you can use the ‘Save’ button to save all selected images.

Features of Image Picker Firefox Add-on:

  • Supports batch / bulk download.
  • Easily filters images by width, height, size and type.
  • Previews thumbnails of images
  • Detects image name and size automatically
  • Creates sub folder from page title automatically
  • Renames files if there are files existing with the same name

The Image Picker extension works well with all the websites and web pages that display full-sized images and is compatible with Window 7, Vista, XP.

Download the add-on from here.

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