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Phrozen Password Revealer & Recovery Tool lets you recover forgotten or lost passwords

There may come a time when you may find that you have lost or forgotten your passwords. We have already seen a few tools that let you recover passwords in different scenarios. Phrozen Password Revealer & Recovery Tool is another stand-alone freeware that allows you to recover passwords from your Windows computer.

Phrozen Password Revealer & Recovery Tool

You now longer need to forget about losing or forgetting your passwords, because even if you do, Phrozen Password Recovery will be able to quickly find your lost password and further allow you to copy and export that password so you can save it at a safe place if you wish. The tool allows you to copy the URL, username or the password. It also lets you copy all the details in a line, copy all the credentials at the same time and export the results to another file.

Phrozen Password Recovery can let you recover forgotten passwords from:

  1. Windows RAS
  2. Internet Explorer
  3. Windows Messenger
  4. Google Chrome
  5. Mozilla Firefox
  6. RockMelt browser and
  7. Comodo Dragon browser

You can download Phrozen Password Revealer & Recovery Tool from

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