Photos Companion App: Transfer Photos from iPhone and Android to Windows 10 PC

How do you transfer your photos from your iPhone or Android phone to your Windows 10 PC? I am sure some of you use Dropbox, or OneDrive, or just plain old method where you connect your phone to your PC over USB drive and do the copy-paste.

The Windows 10 Photos App is probably the best app you can have on Windows 10 which not only allows you to view your images on your PC or OneDrive but also lets you create a musical album using 3D effects and text styles. Using the WiFi transfer feature, you can quickly copy your pics, and start editing all the latest pictures from your Trip or last night party.

The Photos Companion App from Microsoft Garage will allow you to instantly transfer your Photos from iPhone and Android phones to Windows 10 PC. Follow the steps below to learn how to use it. Its the same app on both Android and iOS and so the steps remain same.

Setting up Windows 10 Photos App on PC

Launch Photos App on your Windows 10 PC.

On the top left, look for the menu (…), and select settings.

Scroll till the end to look for a toggle which says “Help Microsoft test mobile import over Wifi”.

Toggle on.

Photos Companion App: Transfer Photos from iPhone and Android to Windows 10 PC

Now quit the app, and open the Photos App again.

Make sure that your phone and Windows 10 PC is connected to the same WiFi network.

Right next to the profile icon, you should see an option which says “Import“.

Click on it, and find the option “From mobile over WiFi“.

This will open a QR Code window.

Setting up Photos Companion App & transferring photos images

Install Photos Companion App. Here is the download link for iOS, and Android.

Now, on your phone, launch the Photos Companion App, and tap on Send Photos.

This will open the camera interface, using which you can scan the QR Code.

Post-scan, the app will show you the list of recent phones.

Select them, and then tap on Done.

Photos Companion App for iOS and Android

After this, you will see a confirmation screen which shows that your photos are transferred. Cross check on your PC.

If you want to send photos again, you have an option to continue, or you will have to generate a new QR code to do the same.

That’s how easy it is! But remember it is only a mean to quickly transfer pictures to your PC quickly. This will come handy when you want to share some pictures with your friends, and sending over email, etc. takes a lot more time. Since there is no need to sign into your Microsoft account as well, it’s truly seamless.

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