Photograph yourself with your clone using Photo Fuse

As you know, Windows Live Essentials 2011 suite was released yesterday. One of the App in that suite is the Windows Live Photo Gallery. The new Photo Gallery comes with great new features such as facial recognition, improved retouch tools, Photo Fuse, and more.

Actually, Photo Fuse is intended to help people create the perfect photo from multiple photos. But here we will be using it for some fun stuff. We will use it for creating clones.

Let us see how to do it. Set up a camera on a tripod, though the tripod is not a must, it ensures to get best ‘fused’ photos.  And get some shots of yours so that each photo has a common background with you standing at a different position. Check the following photos to understand. Here I’m making use of Jasons’ photos only.



Here you can see two photos of Jason with a similar background taken. Jason is pretending as if it’s his twin, by discarding his jacket and Glasses.

Now let us see the magic of Photo Fuse.  Open Windows Live Photo Gallery and select these two photos


Click on the Photo Fuse option to get something as shown below :


Now drag the handles so that it covers a right half portion of the photo so that you start to see the complete 2nd Jason in the thumbnails (lower- as shown below ) and click on the lower thumbnail since we want to fuse that with the portion selected by handles.


And voila ……

jason1 Fuse

So it’s up to your imagination how you create or rather Photo Fuse it. It’s not just using two photos for Photo Fuse; you can make use of multiple photos as shown in this example – there are 6 Jasons!


I had created such clones using the Panorama option of the Photo Gallery earlier when this Photo Fuse option was not present. I’ll take up that in one of the future posts.

You can also check this small video to know more about what is Photo Fuse and use of Photo Fuse feature.

Photographs Source: Photo Fuse Fun – The “Jasons” Take Seattle.

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