PhotoCrypt: Encrypt & Password Protect your images

Photos are our prized private possessions that we sometime want and sometimes don’t want to share them with anyone. PhotoCrypt is a photo encryption tool that can help you maintain the privacy of your personal photos and images. The software supports JPEG, PNG, BMP image file formats which are less than 12MB in size. The application is  easy to use and operate and even a non-geek user can operate this software without any problems.

Photo encryption and decryption, both, can be done from the same interface. To encrypt an image file you need to browse to the file in the application and choose an encryption password. You can also choose to delete the source file after successful encryption and conversion of the image file. Once it is successfully done, you will notice a change in the name of your image – “.bin” will be added after the original image and the image will get encrypted with a password.

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The encrypted image can be decrypted only using PhotoCrypt. The decryption process is easy – you just need to browse to your encrypted image file, enter your password and click on decrypt button. All the encrypted and decrypted files are saved in the same directory where original image files are present.


The app is very easy to use, Encrypting and decryption options are available under two different tabs. The process works fast and the program shows real-time results. While the program will help you maintain privacy of your images, it can sometime cause corruption of the source files. Moreover, it doesn’t support image files larger than 12 MB in size.

The developer has displayed a warning on his website: Encrypting and Decrypting of images may result in corrupting source files. Please be careful deleting source image files and use it at your own risk. The author of the application is not responsible for any kind of loses in your image files.

Click here to download PhotoCrypt.

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