Transfer contacts between Android, iPhone, Windows Phone

Moving contacts between phones of different or same platform has always been a difficult task. But to make this process hassle free and easiest, we introduce you to PhoneSwappr. It is a free cross platform app which lets you move contacts between different phone devices. The apps comes handy when you are switching phones or you can even use it to maintain a cloud backup of your contacts before resetting your device.

Transfer contacts between Windows Phone, Android, iPhone

PhoneSwappr is available for Windows Phone, Android and iOS which are the most popular mobile platforms these days. To move your contacts you need to download and install the PhoneSwappr app to your old mobile phone. Once you are done with installing you need to open the app and hit the ‘Sync Contacts’ button then tap on ‘Send Contacts to Cloud’ and that’s all.


A copy of your contacts will be saved on secure servers of PhoneSwappr for 7 days and then it will be automatically deleted. Once the uploading process is finished you will be given a unique PIN which is to be further used for downloading the contacts.

Now to download contacts, install PhoneSwappr app on your new mobile phone. After installing tap the ‘Sync Contacts’ button and then hit ‘Get Contacts from Cloud’. Now enter the unique PIN you got after uploading your contacts and hit the ‘Next’ button and that’s all. The transferring process is extremely easy and requires no knowledge at all. Both uploading and downloading process are amazingly fast that I was able to transfer contacts between my phones in less than 5 minutes.


One limitation I must bring out is that if you delete PhoneSwappr app from your Windows Phone, then all the contacts downloaded by PhoneSwappr will also get deleted. So you must backup the contacts on the phone itself before deleting the PhoneSwappr app. This limitation is only for Windows Phone devices.

It is indeed the last app you need on your old phone and the first on your new phone. The concept is amazing and the process is easy too. The interface is nice, clean and fast.

Do note that this review is made keeping in mind the Windows Phone app of the PhoneSwappr. The experience may or may not be different for other platforms.

PhoneSwappr app download

Click here to download PhoneSwappr.

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