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How to personalize your Windows Mobile 10 smartphone like a boss

Microsoft is making personalization a big deal in Windows Mobile 10, as oppose to Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8. It is not as deep as Android, but it should be good enough for most users.

To get to the personalization options, users must first swipe to the left to open the app list. Scroll down to “S” and then click on the Settings app. From there, click on Personalization, the options, Start, Colors, Sounds, and Lock Screen should be seen in the list.

Personalize Windows Mobile 10


The Start option allows the user to personalize the Start Menu with a background image or to make it possible to add more Tiles. Click the dropdown menu under Background to bring the options on whether to add a Full-screen picture, Tile picture or no picture to the background of the Start Menu. Outside of that, users will see something called Tile transparency. This is where they can choose to decide how strong the transparency of the Tiles are.

At the very bottom, there’s an option called Show more tiles. It is off by default, so turn it on to be allowed to place even more Tiles on the Start Menu. Bear in mind that when it is turned on, the Tiles will be smaller to accommodate more space.


From here we can choose whether to make the general background color Light or Dark. For most phones, choosing the Dark option helps with battery life, so we would recommend doing that.

Below that option, this is where users can choose their accent color. There are 48 different colors to choose from here, which should be enough even for the most technically advanced Windows Mobile 10 user.


In this tab, users can choose their ringtone and choose to either play a sound for Key Press, Lock and Unlock, Camera Shutter, and System Alerts. Users can also turn on or turn off the phone’s vibrate mechanism.

Lock Screen:

Now this is where things get interesting. Here we have the option to change the background image on the lock screen. Users can choose their own image situated on the device, Bing daily images, or images from social networks such as Facebook or Twitter. Bear in mind that the social network apps must be installed for this to work.

Want to have the album cover of your favorite band on the lock screen? No problem, this can be done.

Windows Mobile 10 has the ability to show quick statuses of up to 5 apps on the lock screen. Not every app installed on the handset supports this feature, so whenever users attempt to choose an app, the system will show only those that are supported.

That’s basically it folks!