PDF Reflow feature in Microsoft Word

One of the highlights of Office 2013 is its Word with its new feature – PDF Reflow. The feature has been introduced in the upcoming release of Word to give users the option to edit and save a PDF document as a Word document.

PDF Reflow

You might have realized that while trying to copy-paste table rows from a PDF viewer into Word – the line of text collapses. So, to circumvent this problem and to convert PDFs into Word documents easily with the same layout, PDF Reflow feature has been incorporated into Word 2013/16.

The question that may pop-up in one’s mind at this point is –Why should Windows include this feature when it already has the Windows Reader. This reader just allows viewing PDF files and not editing or saving them as Word documents. Thanks to PDF Reflow, you can now even edit PDF documents using Word. This feature is not intended as a replacement for Reader, but as a converter to get a new level of access to your PDF content.

PDF Reflow provides best results with PDF documents that are mostly textual such as business documents and the ones that are present in the form of PowerPoint slides. The results with PDF documents that contain images and diagrams, as in a brochure aren’t much convincing.

When a user opens a PDF file in Word, with the intention of modifying it, PDF Reflow readily provides him with objects to modify it. The objects (Headings, Lists, and Tables) are chosen in such a way that they represent the original PDF in best possible way, and the whole procedure is carried out using a system of complex rules.

Turn PDF files into Word documents using PDF Reflow

  • Using PDF Reflow is really simple. You just have to click ‘File’ in the Word 2016/13 ribbon and go to the ‘Open’ tab.
  • Then, navigate to the PDF location and choose the desired file to be converted. Once done, the PDF content becomes ready to be edited in Word 2016/13.

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  1. Green21

    I have CD’s which worked well in XP. however when I try to use them in Windows 8.1 I get the following message-
    “This PDF contains interactive features that are not supported by PDF Reflow. Word will not display this content.”
    Any suggestions how I can overcome the problem?

  2. Steve

    So the buttheads over at MS decided to add another “feature” in Office 2013, now carried over into 2016 that screws up PDFs instead of simply leaving the PDF tech to Acrobat. Great. I can’t turn off this “feature” that everyone at work is having problems with.

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