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PC Pistop the developers of PC Matic, a Windows optimization software have released PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security Free Version. This free version of PC Matic Home Security includes all security features of PC Matic. Since PC Pitstop was now offering a free version, I decided to take it for a spin.

PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security review

PC Matic Home Security free

Once you download and install the software, it will download the latest virus definitions. If you wish to change the default options, you do so via the Options button. Once you have set them, you need to now click on the Scan button. The software will then start its scan for malware as well as outdated software.


2 PC Matic Home Security

PC Matic Home Security uses the Vipre scan engine and antivirus definitions, which has the VB100 award in its basket, apart from many other such recognitions. The Vipre engine has been licensed from Threat Track in Clearwater, Florida.

PC Matic has included white list protection which blocks and does not allow the virus to propagate or morph. PC Matic Home Security also includes a black list as a scan and clean engine. It also includes the Cloud Scheduler. Their cloud scheduler allows the user to remotely schedule scans and cleans and receive reports in users inbox.  The scan takes a reasonable amount of time. It did find a Trojan named trojan.win32.generic.pak!cobra which actually took me by surprise!

3 PC Matic Home Security (2)

I went to search in the UI to see if I could find the path of the file. There was no way I could find out which file I would be deleting if I chose to select Fix All. Was it real malware? Or was it a false positive? A search on Bing lead me to this link:

Trojan.Win32.Generic.pak!cobra or Trojan:Win32/Sirefef.M is a generic detection for a wide variety of malware that can affect 32- and 64-bit Windows operating systems.

But that still did not satisfy me. So I generated a log file using an option in the program itself and went through the log. There I found that it had wrongly identified our freeware HotShut as malware. A clear case of a false positive. Whew … that relieved me in a way, because what I read about the Trojan did make me uncomfortable.

I wish the program had a Quarantine box, where one could get more details about the the malware or suspects so that one could restore them if it were a case of such false positives. I had to download HotShut again.  I also wish there was a way to Stop or Pause the scan. The only way I found was to exit the program by clicking on the ‘x’ button. While one could via the UI select a particular folder or file to scan, there was no context menu integration.

Vulnerability – Automatic Patch Management

4 PC Matic Home Security

PC Matic Home Security also includes the Vulnerability, automatic patch management module. There is no denying that apart from the operating system, one must also always keep one’s installed software up-to-date. This module of PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security is pretty impressive.

5 PC Matic Home Security

It scanned my Windows 8 computer and found that I had an old version of Foxit PDF Reader. It offered to download and install the latest version. Once I said Yes, it downloaded the latest version of Foxit, uninstalled my old Foxit version and installed the latest version. All this went on very smoothly.

Super Shield

The freeware also includes Super Shield, a white list real-time protection module. The SuperShield is PC Pitstop’s proprietary real time security technology designed to take maximum advantage of Cloud Computing to keep your PC safe from online threats. This white list approach of PC Pitstop claims to block polymorphic viruses that defeat virtually all the real time protection on the market. If you visit a compromised web site, your Windows machine could get infected. PC Matic Super Shield closes all of these holes making your computers substantially more secure for online browsing.

The software sits quietly in the Notification Area of the Windows Taskbar; its context menu offering you various options like Setting of protection level, Monitoring file access, and so on.

PC Matic taskbar

The UI is pretty basic and functional. You will be reminded to upgrade your license to PC Pitsop PC Matic full version at every step – although you can close the window by clicking on the ‘x’ button and proceeding to the next step. PC Pistop PC Matic full version includes additional features like Performance Optimization, Stability Tweaks and Internet Speed optimizer.

PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security free download

If you are a Windows user who wants to install a free home security software that keeps your computer protected from malware, automatically run scheduled antivirus scans and check for and install outdated software automatically, without your being disturbed, you might want to check out this offering from PC Pitstop. You can download PC PitStop PC Matic Home Security free version here. (Update: The free version seems to have been discontinued).

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  1. Monte Montesanto

    I just bought pcmatic and pop ups appeared even with block. Sent pitstop a cs ticket and got a call 2 hours later. I thought he was with pitstop but was not. He was with usviz. They had me cancel pcmatic and then charged me $116 for them to fiix. What the hell happened?

  2. PC Matic Support Team

    Monte: The company you received a call from has no affiliation with PC Pitstop or PC Matic. We received a request for a refund from you on March 14th at 4:55PM CST – and we replied on March 14th at 5:14PM CST – confirming that your request was being processed. As we have stated in further communications to you via our support team- our company does not offer phone based support and has no affiliation with any company that would have called you on the phone. We recommend you contact your credit card company.

  3. CherokeeShaman53

    PC PitStop aka PC Matic, is a crap piece of software. Rob Cheng makes claims about how his product won the VBulletin Rap test. If you go to the VBulletin website, you won’t find PCMatic on the list for 2015 or 2014. Actually, the claim that he makes, if you view his website, is a Photo Shopped picture of the VBulletin RAP test that he added them to it. That is FRAUD and he has been turned in to the Federal Communications Commission and the Dept of Justice.

    One other thing. You pay $50.00 for 5 licenses, but if you have to have support from them, your support calls are charged in the area of $250.00 per call.

    PCMatic LOCKS DOWN your pc making it virtually unusable.

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