PASSWORDfighter Giveaway and Download

Tired of remembering and entering passwords for different accounts? PASSWORDfighter is here to help you out. PASSWORDfighter, from the makers of SPAMfighter, is a feature filled password manager that comes with a secure database and automatic login features. It lets you easily manage and organize password for different accounts. PASSWORDfighter is very productive in nature and you would never forget your passwords again.


Once you’ve set the master password, you are ready to go. A nice, clean and intuitive interface would welcome you. To start with, PASSWORDfighter has superb browser integration – for almost all the browsers. This lets you seamlessly login to your web accounts, without entering your Username and Password.


The software allows grouping of your different accounts. Grouping lets you reshuffle your different accounts into your own created groups which makes it easier for you to find your saved account in just a second.

You can also create unlimited identities with PASSWORDfighter. Identities are basically the files which carry your all personal information and can be used to instantly fill up sign-up forms, comment forms and etc.

You can also create USB portable password drives, so that wherever you go, you can carry along all your passwords, identities, memos and bookmarks. There are no limitations with the Portable feature of the software, as you can carry along unlimited data.


Sync features between your desktop versions and portable version are also available so that your portable versions keep updating with your desktop version of PASSWORDfighter.

PASSWORDfighter also comes with a great password generator which is really good and easy to operate. The random passwords generated by the password generator look really very hard to crack. It also remembers the history of passwords you generated using this password generator. You can learn more on its home page.

PASSWORDfighter Giveaway

PASSWORDfighter costs – but the company has been kind enough to give away 10 licenses to TWC readers. To win a license, simply share this post on any social networking site of your choice, and share its status URL here. If you do not use any social site, you may tell us in the comments why you need this software.

You may use the sharing buttons or following format to share:

Giveaway of PASSWORDfighter Password Manager @TheWindowsClub

The giveaway will close after 10 days, We will select the winners names after 10 days and announce their names here in the comments section of this post. Please make sure your email ID is visible, linked to your name/profile – else you may post it in the comments itself.

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