Password Recovery Bundle Standard Review, Giveaway & Download


  1. LOL.. can it recover the master password from your PassBox utility? Because I just lost my database because I tried to e-mail myself the password reset and got an error about “authentication failed”! Meh.. nevermind.. I just deleted the whole thing. Like someone said on THAT page.. LastPass is a lot safer.

  2. This is what I am looking for. But I need to reset my forgotten Windows 8 password urgently so I then purchased the full version from and it works like a charm! Thanks for your great recommendation!!!

  3. i used this software, and have a great time with it.. but i dont have “the real license” back there.. so.. i really love to have the license now.. i often used this software to reset windows password, but in this software, you can also recovery password for files like zip,rar, or word and etc.. so count me in for the free licenses.. always love this software. 🙂

  4. Congratulations Winners, you’ve won a licence of Password Recovery Bundle Standard from The Windows Club giveaway. The following winners have been selected:

    Javier Cardenas
    Andrey Bronshtien
    Juan Figueroa
    Jan Nowak
    And samkar you win for also reminding us about it. 🙂

    Please contact us at [email protected] for your license. And sorry for the delays.

  5. I found a very good website with good reviews and contains cheats and tricks for facebook:

  6. Unfortunately, it does not work for gmail. I no longer have the phone I gave to send my password to. The Gmail password recovery system is stupid!

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