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Best Password Managers for Windows Phone 8.1

Whether it might be a bank website or shopping website, you need to enter the login credentials (both user name and password). So, just by entering user name and password, anyone can access your account. This shows how important login credentials are. We should securely save them, such that those details should never go in to the hands of unwanted people. There might be dozens of passwords for every website and we need to have a password manager, where we can store these details securely.

Most of us use desktops, laptops and smart mobiles. If you are a Windows PC user, you can use these password managers for Windows PC to securely save your login details. But, what if you are Windows Phone user? Do not worry, even you have best password managers and I will let you know about them now. These apps allow you to save your passwords using the best encryption techniques and access them whenever and wherever you want.

Password Managers for Windows Phone

1. Password Padlock

Password Padlock starts the app by asking you to set the “master password” to encrypt all other password which you save within it. Your master password is never saved on your phone. You can backup all your passwords to OneDrive and can be accessed from anywhere and with any device. You can perform the backup from one phone and can restore them on another. All your saved passwords are encrypted using AES-256 encryption. You can even ask Cortana to search for a specific password, but you need to enter the master password to fetch the password.

2. Keeper

Keeper organizes your passwords and can access them and other private information securely. Apart from just saving your passwords, you can save details of your financial records, credit cards other important digital information. It supports the auto fill feature and using the Vault-To-Vault feature, you can share the information with required ones can set the limits on what information can be seen. It provides you the instant password generator to create strong passwords.

As this stores the most critical and private information, security measurements as the following are taken care,

3. LastPass

LastPass is one of the popular password and data management services. It allows you to save your password, credit card details, member ship details and other important information securely and in an organized way. You can create categories like shopping, websites, social media and anything, so that it will be easy for you to access for the required information at the right time. LastPass also generates the strong and complex passwords when you want and you should make use of it.

When you visit any website, you can use LastPass to auto fill the required details with just one click, but initially you need to save those details in LastPass. It is available as 14 day free trial and if you want to continue, you can choose the 12/year LastPass premium subscription.

4. OneSafe

OneSafe allows you to save your passwords and other information securely. Whether it might be your Twitter account or email account details, it is safe with OneSafe. You can prepare the template, so that you can save the information again using this template in an easy way. It allows you to save your information based on category like “work”, “wallet”, “computer” and more, so that it is easy for you to access the required information.

OneSafe’s random password generator allows you to generate the strong and complex password to secure your account from the unwanted visitors.

Are you using any password manager on your Lumia phone? Please do share with us through comments.

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