Password Alert extension for Google Chrome will protect you from phishing attacks

No matter how strong our security settings are, hackers always find some way or the other to intrude in our computer systems and steal our personal details. Hackers and cybercriminals always keep finding the innovative ways to lure users to share their personal details and important credentials.

Password Alert extension for Google Chrome

Password Alert extension for Google Chrome

Google Chrome presents a new Chrome extension named Password Alert, which will warn the users when they enter the sign-in details in a non-Gmail login page. As the name itself suggests, Password Alert alerts the users before they enter their Gmail password anywhere other than

The alert message states that your Gmail password is exposed to a fake Gmail login page and you must reset your password immediately.

The fake Gmail login page, called as phishing page is actually a website run by the cyber criminals looking to steal your password. The phishing page very much looks like the standard Gmail login page and anyone can be fooled easily. Hackers can easily steal your password and get an access to your Gmail account without your notice.

How Password Alert Works

Once you download and install this extension in your Chrome browser, it saves a “Scrambled” version of your Google Account password. This extension alerts you whenever you are about to enter your login details in a phishing page.

The extension also works on Google Apps and Google Drive, so you can use it to secure the Gmail accounts of your employees.

Employers can install the Password Alert for all its employees’ accounts and get an alert when the program detects any security issue, which further helps protecting the accounts against hacking attempts and phishing attacks.

Overall, Password Alert is a simple and useful Chrome extension which can protects you against phishing attacks and sends an alert every time you enter your login details. You can get it here.

Stay safe.

UPDATE: The Password Alert extension for Google Chrome had been bypassed by a simple exploit.

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  1. Found in arstechnica: “Less than 24 hours after Google unveiled a Chrome extension that warns when user account passwords get phished, a security researcher has devised a drop-dead simple exploit that bypasses it.”

  2. Muliano

    Your best bet… dump Google products. I did and never looked back! Google is nothing more than a failure, funded by a certain government to spy on you. Microsoft is the way to go!

  3. ReadandShare

    Imagine installing a different extension to protect different log-on websites… what an idiotic idea?? A much better way is to use a password manager like Lastpass or Keepass — which will automatically populate login names and passwords ONLY in specific (i.e. correct) webpages. A spoofed webpage that can fool humans will not fool a password manager.

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