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PaperPlane Smart Launch gives Windows 10 an iPad-like look and feel

There are many who own an iPad since it is the most popular tablet on the market. Because of this, folks have become accustomed to the iPad’s user interface, which is why there’s a program that brings a similar design to Windows 10. This program is called PaperPlane Smart Launch, and we have been using it for a while now. Once installed, this thing will give your computer the look and feel of an iPad, something we believe some folks would love. However, we didn’t like it that much because it feels out of place and made navigation harder than easier.

PaperPlane Smart Launch

Once the program has been installed, it can be activated by clicking on the icon on the taskbar. The user interface will change, but before everything is up and running perfectly, PaperPlane Smart Launch will scan your computer for apps. These apps and their icons will show up and take command of the entire computer screen.

If the user wants more programs on the screen, there’s a second home screen ready and waiting to be filled.

When it came down to customization, we could rearrange the icons and even add folders to the screen. It is also possible to add categories to make things easier to find. Basically, the design is a poor man’s version of the iPad’s user interface, or the original Windows 10 Metro user interface.

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The program also comes with search bar to help find those elusive programs that like to hide themselves in plain sight. Relevant items began to appear as soon as the user begins to type, and that is something we found usable because sometimes we did not need to type the full name of the program.

Apart from being able to organize our favorite programs in several ways, PaperPlane Smart Launch also made it possible to add frequently visited website links to the desktop for easy access.

Overall, we like the idea of PaperPlane Smart Launch, but it isn’t something we’d want to use on a regular basis. It’s great for showing off a different user interface to friends and family, but when it comes down to replacing the default Windows 10 user interface, this thing is not good enough. Plus, it doesn’t look good enough either, especially with broken words and icons with the wrong name.

From the screenshot, there are several icons with name Opera attached, but those icons are from a game. Still, for those who love their iPads and the Mac Launcher, then they might find something to love about this program.

Download PaperPlane Smart Launch from the official website. Works on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP.