Pandora White Box: Tool for Windows system administrators and security experts

If you’re a system security expert, then you should know how difficult it is to keep a system secure and always running smoothly. That’s why you may need to dive into an application called Pandora White Box. Try as we may, we are not security experts, but after personally giving Pandora White Box a spin, I think it is time to become one, if even unofficially.

Pandora White Box for System Admins

Pandora White Box for Windows

Downloading this application is easy, but installing, there’s an issue here. Windows SmartScreen Filter blocked the application from installing it. I scanned it but didn’t get a malware or virus alert, so I’m assuming being blocked by the SmartScreen Filter is just a false positive. So you will have to tell SmartScreen to allow it.

Once it is installed and launched, users should see a white window with the words, “Pandora White Box.” This is the main window, and we like it because it is not cluttered with a million buttons and words. At the top lies, Commands, About, and License Agreement.

The section that says Commands is what you’ll be using on a regular basis because there lie all the tools Pandora White Box brings to the table.

The options in the Commands is more than what some regular folks might need to test their web server and overall system. However, we’re guessing that for experts, they might need more, but having many essential tools already available in one application should be a boon.

From the Commands section, we can check where a website is hosted using Whois, and even scan the computer system using a Malicious File Detector tool. Now, this tool is designed for those running their own web servers from one or more Windows-based computer.

There’s also a Denial of Service Scanner. All you need to do is add your website URL or IP address to the box along with the correct port and then scan for issues. However, bear in mind that scanning someone else’s server is dangerous because your IP address will likely log on their system. Other tools include Port Scanner, Email Authenticator, and so on.

I didn’t get to use some of the tools, and the others I tested on my Windows 10 PC, they worked really well. A definite solid tool for any system administrator or system security expert.

As for novices, they can use it too. Download Pandora White Box from the official web page.

Network administrators, system administrators and security experts are sure to find this tool very useful.

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