Review of the Free Panda VPN for Windows 10 – Is it useful?

Though there are a plethora of options available with Panda VPN, the free versions offer extremely limited functions. The data allowance per day is just 150 MB. Normally, the paid versions provide you with 20 different location options, but the free one gives you only one; that too, randomly connecting to one of the locations on its list. Let’s take a look at the Panda VPN Free version for Windows PC today.

Panda VPN Free for Windows 10 – Review

Main Screen Free Panda VPN

If you do not have .NET Framework on your computer, you will be asked if you wish to install it. Installing the .NET Framework will require a reboot of the computer. When installing Free Panda VPN, you will also be asked if you want to install a browsing assistant that keeps you safe when you are buying things on the Internet. Keep the option or uncheck it, based on your liking.

The Free Panda VPN does not come alone. After the installation is complete, you will find a screen as shown above. It consists of an antivirus and a host of other services, including VPN. The entire hub containing these additional things has been named Panda Dome.

The antivirus that comes with the Dome is not an auto virus-checker. You can run scans manually or schedule them using the antivirus option in Dome. This antivirus is not meant to replace your already installed antivirus. If you feel your computer has a virus, you can run an additional scan to verify your doubts.

VPN in the third option in the list of services available in the Dome window. When you click it on the Free Panda VPN, you will get a screen where you have to manually connect to the VPN. There are a lot of good things being said about the Free Panda VPN review on the Internet, but they include the options available with the paid versions.

Panda VPN Free

The reality is, you will get to browse/download/stream things only until your daily data quota is exhausted. Panda VPN (free version) will give you only 150 MB in a day. If you exceed that, your free VPN is automatically turned off after asking you to upgrade. Just enough to watch a 1080p movie.

This boasts of 20 locations on its home page but assigns a server automatically. You cannot change the location in the Panda VPN free version. It will ask you to upgrade when you try to change the location. The general Connect to VPN page looks like the image above in this section.

It does change your IP address and passes the proxy test (as found by using What is My IP Address website).

The VPN is powered by Hotspot Shield VPN. In other words, the Free Panda VPN employs Hotspot Shield VPN to provide VPN to its users. Moreover, Help for Free Panda VPN is available in the form of forums and knowledgebase articles. To talk to a real person, you’ll have to upgrade to the Pro version.

You may click here to download Panda VPN Free.


  1. It is free to use
  2. Takes up just a little space on your computer
  3. Faster than other VPNs (on my computer).


  1. Most of the features are available only in the paid versions
  2. 150 MB data per day is too little if you want to spend long times on computer: streaming music, watching videos, or playing games
  3. No technical support is provided for Free Panda VPN
  4. Option to select a location of choice is limited to Pro accounts (paid)
  5. The antivirus provided in Panda Dome is not real-time, but you can schedule scans. Maybe you won’t even need the features because if you are on Windows 10, you already use in-built Defender.

The above review of free Panda VPN is based on my observations. Your experience may vary, depending upon what you do on your computers.

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