Outpost Security Suite Free offers complete Internet Security for Windows


  1. Hmm. I dunno.

    Outpost has always — as in, for YEARS — offered a free and very credible firewall… no question about that…

    …however it has never been as good as COMODO’s free firewall has been for SEVERAL years, now. So, right out of the gate, Outpost characterizing itself, on its web site, as “best of breed” is a little misleading. So, as another poster mentioned, is the whole notion of Outpost’s “suite” being “the first fully-comprehensive free security suite.” Comodo beat ’em to that a LOONNNNNNG time ago.

    That said, Outpost’s firewall has always, I admit, been QUITE good… no argument, here. But the rest of the features of COMODO’s free Internet Security (CIS) suite leaves this so-called “suite” in the dust.

    And, no, I don’t work for (or in any way benefit from) Comodo… er… well… I mean… you know… other than that I’ve been using its products for quite some time now, and benefitting from THAT.

    Also, it’s nice that Outpost’s firewall has been leak-test certified by Matousec; but Comodo’s was not only leak-tested by Matousec a long time ago, but it has been ranked by Matousec and many others as hands-down best among freeware firewalls; and is actually right up there with Kaspersky’s commercial firewall… seriously: Of all firewalls, free or commercial, CIS keeps ranking like number two to Kaspersky’s in test after test.

    So where does Outpost get of with “best of breed.” Gimmee a break.

    Granted, it has taken Comodo quite a while to get its anti-virus component just right… but that’s now more than resolved.

    And Comodo’s Hosts Intrusion Protection System (HIPS… called “Defense+”) is as good as anything else of it’s type out there…

    …though it’s true that until version 4 (CIS is currently in version 5) Defense+ sure did kick a lot of pop-up warnings… drove most users nuts.

    And it’s also true, I agree, that Comodo’s a little… oh… I dunno… maybe not quite as user-friendly to the typical non-technical user as it could be… though that’s improved a little in version 5 (though not enough, admittedly).

    But if the user’s willing to actually learn how to use CIS… gosh… I dunno. It’s pretty much foolproof.

    I mean, pretty much NOTHING gets through its firewall… that’s just a fact.

    Its HIPS (Defense+) is also pretty much foolproof… after all how hard is it to notify the user of every single new thing which tries to launch itself, and then ask the user to say yes or no until it’s finally “trained” to know what’s good and should be allowed, and what’s not?

    And now that its anti-virus component is finally on par with pretty much anything else out there…

    …I just don’t see why anyone would want to choose Outpost’s “suite” over CIS.

    Not that it’s not nice that this web site is telling us about it… that is, after all, its job. But CIS, I’m just here to tell ya’, is superior.

    It just is.

    Gregg DesElms
    Napa, California USA
    gregg at greggdeselms dot com

  2. BEWARE!

    If, like myself at the moment, do not have a connection to the internet you only have TWO (2) DAYS to register. I am at present setting up a PC for someone else and am trying to avoid setting up internet connection at my home addrress. I do not know exactly how good and efective Outpost is but just after installation they only get 2 out of 10 for the above. This score was arrived at due to extreme ease of installation. If I was marking on the program they would get 0 out of 10. As this is for someone who has only limited knowledge with PC’s I plumped for this but will now be uninstalling it again and going with COMODO even though it will take me a while longer to teach his as to it actions.

    VERY poor show Outpost

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