Outlook.com adds new features; some of which make transition from Gmail easier!

Outlook.com was launched in July this year. It is growing fast and feedback to it has been overwhelmingly positive! People love its clean looks and features. As of now there are over 25 million active users of the new Outlook.com.


Microsoft after finding out that about a third of these are active Gmail users, trying Outlook.com for the first time, hired a research firm to find out more. The firm recruited hundreds of users who use Gmail as their Primary mail service and asked them to try Outlook.com by signing and forwarding their mails from Gmail to Outlook.com. The study found that  4 out of 5 of these Gmail users would switch to Outlook.com.

What’s making Gmail users like & switch to Outlook.com

Specifically, Gmail users liked the Outlook.com’s:

  • Clean user Interface
  • Better Spam blocking, better management of unwanted messages which may not be spam like newsletters, daily deals.
  • Easier photos and office documents sharing.

What’s making the transition to Outlook.com easier:

Keyboard Shortcuts –

Users can choose to set up Keyboard Shortcuts in Outlook.com with same sets of shortcuts in Gmail, Outlook desktop app and others. So they do not have to learn new sets of shortcuts and can continue to use the same as their earlier ones.


Easy access to search operators –

One can easily search for required mail by clicking on / and using various search conditions.


Tab/Send –

After composing the mail, one can just press the tab key to shift focus to Send button.

Conversation view –

Conversation threading view is optional and can be turned on if required.


New features to make the transition much more easier –

These were the specific features that were told by the users who transitioned to Outlook.com. Its early days for Outlook.com, but is already winning hearts of its users. And the Outlook team is continuously listening to users feedback and adding new features.

In coming weeks the following features will be added. Check if you have already been updated with these new features.

One click Archive

Many a times the Inbox keeps growing with mails which we want to keep but don’t want them to be in Inbox and don’t want to delete them too and mix them with newer mails. So Archive button moves the Selected messages to Archive folder or any folder of your choice. Thus we can access them later if want to.




More keyboard shortcuts

Outlook.com has lots of keyboard shortcuts already and now adding even more. And one can find them all by typing a question mark (?)


More Inbox Customization –

More color themes added –



Option to toggle between “Reply” and “Reply All” as the default option –


Default view after moving or deleting mail option-

After deleting a message, some people want to return to their inbox and others want to see the next  message. Now you can set that default option, too.


These options can be accessed from Options page. By coming weeks they will  be rolled out to all. Check if you have been already updated with these new features.

An Outlook  app for Android has also been released. Windows Phone and iPhone, support Exchange ActiveSync – so you have built-in support for Outlook.com – no download necessary. But Android devices aren’t consistent in their native support for Exchange ActiveSync, so one can install this app.

If you are a Gmail user or not and haven’t yet tried the Outlook.com, give it a try now.

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  1. hackerman1

    No IMAP4 ?

  2. dwightstegall

    Outlook.com is crap, get Gmail.

  3. Anths

    Not to mention the free 7Gb Skydrive 🙂

  4. LJ

    Lack of IMAP has stopped me migrating totally, but I do forward everything FROM Gmail to Outlook.com.

    In general Outlook.com is MUCH better than Outlook.

  5. Denver Davido

    I doubt the spam blocking claims. I have a live.com account and get tons of spam in my inbox.

  6. rocmon

    Any idea if my google apps domains can be somehow linked with outlook.com?

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