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Outlook Interesting Calendar feature lets you track important Events Schedule

Outlook Interesting Calendar feature has made its debut. The calendar feature has been specifically designed to help users keep track of special events, like Olympics, all set to be organized this month. Users will not miss out on any action. Outlook users can now keep a track of all important events schedule with Outlook Interesting Calendar feature. It allows adding events to the Outlook calendar across all your devices.

Outlook Interesting Calendar feature

For using this feature to its full potential, it is essential that you have the latest or newest version of the app running.

Outlook Interesting calendar enables browsing of a curated list of games, sports leagues, and any important event add them to your calendar. Once added, your events will show up on your Outlook calendar across all your devices. For instance, if you are a badminton lover and would like to track all the developments of the Game at Rio Olympics, simply access the Outlook Calendar, look for the ‘Add Calendar’ option in the command bar. Likewise, you can use these features for other sporting events.

When found, click the option.

From the list of options displayed, select ‘Interesting calendar’.

Then, chose one of the available calendars.

Once added, your events will show up on your Outlook calendar across all your devices to ensure you do not miss any action. The calendar is powered by Bing search engine.

Please note that the Interesting calendar feature is currently available to users in North America on the new platform as well as for commercial users on Outlook on the web.

The courtesy is likely to be extended to other platforms too. As such, in the coming weeks expect Interesting calendar ‘ to be made available for iOS and Android for users who own an Office 365 account.

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