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Start Orb Mover: Move your Start Button and Start Menu to different locations on your Taskbar

For as many years as long as one can remember…on websites, on blogs, on forums…users have been asking for and discussing a way to move the Start Orb – but without much success. There have been tools to change Start Orbs  or change Start Button Tooltips or to remove Start Buttons… but none to move the Start Button or the Start Menu to another location.

Start Orb Mover

Customization and tweaking enthusiasts – we now present to you, our new freeware : Start Orb Mover! Our TWC developer Lee Whittington was working on it for the last one year, with little luck – until now! This portable freeware will now allow you to move the Start Button and the Start Menu to either the center of the Taskbar or far right\bottom, depending on Taskbar location.

Start Orb Mover will let you move or re-locate your Start Button and Start Menu to any location on your Taskbar. Clicking on the re-located Start Orb will open the Start Menu, relative to the location of the Start Orb.

Start Orb Mover also gives users a quick option to do tasks such as Change Start Orb, Restart Explorer, Open an Administrative Command Prompt, Exit Explorer, Open Explorer, Open Start Menu and Taskbar Properties, Hide the Taskbar or change location of Start Orb, simply by right-clicking the Start Orb.

Features of Start Orb Mover:

Start Orb Mover is a work-in-progress and there are a few thing you should note before you use the tool:

  1. Alignment of the Notification Area when Start Orb is set to Right\Bottom position is set this way, due to the Notification Area having the ability to resize when more applications having Notification Icons are opened.This keeps the Notification Area from “under-lapping” the Start Orb.
  2. Do not change position of the Taskbar while Orb Mover is running, as it will cause the system to not update in a manner that keeps the Start Orb aligned with the change. If you do happen to move the Taskbar while Orb Mover is running, just change the position of Start Orb and it will readjust properly.
  3. Sometimes when you open the Start Menu and scroll through the menu items on the right-hand side, it will leave an odd color hue behind. It appears to happen due to forcing the Start Menu to open in a position it was not designed for. The developer is working on finding a solution and the app will be updated if a fix is found.
  4. When you click to open Start Menu and then close the Start Menu, the orb displayed in the background in default position. Clicking or moving mouse over Orb Mover will fix this.

Start Orb Mover free download

Start Orb Mover v1 has been tested on Windows 7, 32-bit and 64-bit.

Do remember that it is always a good idea to quickly create a system restore point first, before making any changes to your system.

If you wish to give feedback or report bugs, you may do so at TWC Forums.