Opswat GEARS: Secure your Network on the Internet

We’ve been digging into the Internet to find privacy and security products that help you remain safe on the Internet. All of us know that the Internet has a dark side and all of us wish to avoid that dark side. To stay away from that dark side, we use multiple software (some of which, are covered on The Windows Club). This post is about Opswat GEARS, which claims to secure and help you manage your Internet-connected network devices using the Cloud (the Internet).

What is Opswat GEARS

opswat gears

Opswat Gears is a two part security software – one part of which, lies on your computer and the other part is the cloud based dashboard that allows you to:

  1. Monitor your devices’ security
  2. Make changes to the default settings and
  3. Add more devices to the service.

The company makes three major claims:

  1. Secure your devices
  2. Discover compromised devices in your network and
  3. Discover advanced threats for remote users

Getting Started with Opswat GEARS

I am adding this section here as it becomes confusing if you download GEARS without creating an account. Your devices won’t be in sync and you will not be able to manage devices from the cloud.

The main page offers both “SIGN UP” and “DOWNLOAD” option. I recommend you sign up with the company, so that you can access your GEARS settings and also add more devices to the account. You can then manage each device from the cloud account.

After you have completed the account creation and activation, go to your dashboard to add one or more devices. You can manage up to 25 devices for free. If you need more devices to be monitored, contact their sales team – you will need to pay.

Upon clicking Add Device on your cloud dashboard, you will get a screen similar to the below image.

Fig 1 - Installs a service

When you click on an option, you will get a page with the option to download GEARS to Mac or Windows.

Opswat GEARS Review – The Cloud Dashboard

This is where you can configure, how you wish to use the GEARS software on your machine. You can add devices and configure them accordingly.

Here is a snapshot of how the configuration dashboard appears.

Fig 2 - Dashboard - Change Settings Page

You can also set up, how frequently you wish to receive notifications in the form of email in case you do not wish to check into the dashboard again and again. This part is pretty easy and self-explanatory.

Secure your Network

GEARS also offers real-time scanning of processes by using Metascan Online technology which uses approximately 40 anti-malware signatures. You can select which anti-malware to use and whether to use real time scanning on a device using the Configure > Device Policy > Advanced Threats option. For an idea, see the image below.

Fig 3 - Settings to Select What Anti Malware to Use

Opswat GEARS client on your Devices

If you used the above method (dashboard method) to install GEARS, the program will not be visible on the computer (except under Programs and Features). You or your administrator can – however – access all the information from the cloud dashboard: not only about the current device but also about other devices that you may have chosen to monitor.

You can also install Opswat GEARS client on your computer without creating an account. However, in that case, functionality will be limited and you may not understand the interface properly. I tried to do that but faced certain problems such as “update dates” in the anti-virus and GEARS not matching issues. The Backup date too was wrong. The first cloud account method is therefore much better and you get more options.

Please create an account if you wish to check out and use Opswat GEARS so that you can monitor up to 25 devices for free.

You might want to also check out the following tools from the same developers:

  1. Opswat Security Score Tool
  2. Opswat Metascan Client.
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