Opera Reborn 3 introduces Web 3, Crypto Wallet, Faster VPN & more

TThere are a lot of changes that are lined up with Opera rolling out their new browser. You do not just have greater control over your data but also is an absolute content-centric approach to web browsing. The whole goal behind this massive user-generated changes is to enhance our online experience. The Reborn 3 introduced by Opera is geared to enhance user controls. In terms of their security, information, and privacy. This gives users access to Web 3. Opera Reborn 3 browser

When we think of Web 2.0, we see more of a community-based interaction. But, Web 3 is set to give you a more interactive platform in terms of digital footprint. With that, Opera’s Reborn three has massively changed how users interact online in terms of privacy.

Opera Reborn 3 browser

With this release, we are introducing a new, borderless design inspired by low-key and high-key lighting photography. It turns the browser into the perfect frame for the Web, says Opera.

Opera and the Design Changes

Reborn 3 focuses on web content and keeps it at the center. The scrolling would be seamless as Opera has removed borders and dividing lines. Also, you could use it both in light-mode and dark-mode.Light and Dark theme

One of the best changes that Reborn 3 is set to make is the photography effect on web browsing. Coming to you in two basic themes, the high key and low key, you can easily change the settings to your preference.
When it comes to keeping it minimalistic, you can easily find a cleaner web browser. Easy setup and Snapshot is all put away in ‘Access’ to make it easier for users to find everything in one place.

The snapshot tool

The snapshot tool has been conveniently placing at the right-side of the address/search bar. Simply click on it to take a snapshot of the current webpage. The screenshot will be saved to the clipboard. After that, you could edit it with Paint or any other image editor. Take a screenshot

VPN Enhanced Privacy

When it comes to privacy and VPNs, Opera is the only browser that comes with an in-built VPN. With this enhancement, Opera has made its VPN service free, retaining zero data of users making it an excellent new feature for users who do not want to disclose their data and also making it safer to use public networks.Opera VPN

To use the Opera VPN, click on the gear-like symbol to on the left-hand side to open the Settings menu. If you do not find that option, click on the three dots instead and find the option for Settings.

Select Advanced >> Privacy & Security. Scroll down to the option for Enable VPN and switch it to ON.Enable Opera VPN

The Web 3 Experience

The Web 3 experience aims to give users absolute control on their browsing. Web 3 is a coupled term that uses technologies like Block Chain, intersecting cryptocurrencies and much more. Ensuring that Web 3 is compatible with smart transactions in the Ethereum Block Chain.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain offer a new level of security for online transactions. A Crypto Wallet functions similarly to a physical wallet in that it not only stores currency, but it houses your identification. It presents a completely secure way for you to identify yourself to websites.

All of these features help users navigate the web experience. Even better is the integration of Web 3 with our smartphones, where our crypto wallets never leave our devices.

Opera Reborn 3 makes sure that as user control your entire digital life and experience — making it a pioneer in the generation of the futuristic browsers. The whole idea behind this brainchild from Opera is to give users a glimpse of what the future of Web is going to be. With more control over our digital footprints and mostly a more content generated experience. This also means users will be reclaiming their identity on the internet.

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