Opera Mini Review: How does it stack up against Microsoft Edge

Opera Mini for Windows 10 Mobile, is it any good? Well, we can say that it works. There’s definitely a place for this browser still, but the significance of it is dwindling with every passing year.

We downloaded Opera Mini for Windows 10 Mobile to see what the fuss is all about. Right away after launching, we were reminded how beautiful this browser looks on mobile devices. The red colors pop, and that user interface, boy, we almost missed it.

Opera Mini for Windows 10 Mobile

Opera Mini for Windows 10 Mobile

It is clear from our usage that Opera Mini is all about compressing pages to save on data, but guess what, Microsoft Edge can do the same. We found out that some pages do not render correctly, and this is mainly due to the data compression software. To make matters worse, there’s no way to turn it off, so right away it is clear that using Opera Mini as our primary web browser was never going to happen.

Microsoft Edge allows us to alter the extensiveness of the compression and even make it possible to turn it off. Furthermore, some websites do not support Opera Mini outright; the same cannot be said for Edge, as we have never come across a severe problem when using the web browser so far.

In terms of settings, users can change the background style, and how tabs are opened. Tabs can be opened in the background or foreground, a feature not found in Microsoft edge. Furthermore, the ability is there for clearing the browsing data, changing the text size and connection type. These are useful features.

The settings here are not as advanced when compared to the Microsoft Edge, but since Opera Mini is not a full-fledged web browser similar to Opera Mobile, so we can understand.

At the end of the day, we suggest Windows 10 Mobile users to continue using Microsoft Edge because Opera Mini doesn’t bring it’s “A” game here. Other web browsers do not also bring their “A” game, so as it stands, users have no choice, but to use Microsoft Edge for everything.

Opera Mini can be downloaded from the Windows Store for free.

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    Sludge (Edge) and Craptana (Cortana); the pinnacle of Windows 10.

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