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Opera 35 debuts with improved downloads & customization options

Norwegian company, Opera Software has released Opera 35, its latest desktop web browser for Windows PC. Opera 35 debuts with several new features, including audio muting tabs, improved download manager and customization options.

Let’s have an in detail look of the new features of Opera first stable release in 2016.

Opera 35 new features

This release has 4 notable features, namely:

  1. Audio muting tabs
  2. Refreshed download interface
  3. Customization options and
  4. Separate Search bar

Audio Muting Tabs

Catching up with rival alternative browsers like, Chrome and Firefox, Opera 35 comes with audio muting tabs allowing users to mute the sound from a website so that they continue viewing or reading the page without closing its tab.

Opera 35 makes it easy to spot which page is actually playing an audio. As shown below, tabs of pages playing audio shows flickering charts on the red play icon (refer below).

To mute the audio just click on the red play icon, and the sound will be muted (refer below)

Another audio muting feature comes from the tab’s context menu. Here you can mute all tabs if you don’t want to be disturbed by any other sound while you listen to your favourite music. Just right click on a tab to mute all others (refer below).

Refreshed download interface

Opera 35 download manager interface really packs a punch which gives you a better view of the downloaded files. While downloading if by mistake you attempt to close Opera, you get a warning message about the download in progress.

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The new download interface also lets users filter the download list filtering the download list document type like PDF, Music, Videos, Archives and others. Just click on the category you want to filter as shown below.


Customization Options

Opera 35 has introduced a “Basic” section to its Setting page that allow users to decide on options for start-up behavior, choose a directory for downloads, bookmarks bar or cookies and choose themes.

Separate Search bar

Go to Settings > Browser and you will see Advanced Setting as the last option on the page. On checking option, 3 additional options appear under the Interface tab as per below:

When you check the last option “Enable search box in the address bar”, separate Google search bar appear on the page.

To sum, Opera seems to be catching well with its competitors, Chrome and Mozilla. The new features discussed above may not be new but certainly makes Opera at par with the best.

To download a copy of Opera 35 for Windows, click here.