Oops!Backup : A Time Machine for Windows – SPECIAL X’MAS GIVEAWAY!


  1. The fact that I can work with comparative peace of mind knowing that WHEN I make a stupid mistake or change my mind later I can recover the specific file.

  2. I’m liking this software. I’ve had it backing up a couple of folders and it’s been going very well. I’ve been using a series of complex batch files that I’ve written to do backups like this, but like I said, they were complex.

    I like the information provided in the Dashboard. It’s clear and well organized in my opinion. The graph data is helpful and meaningful. Restoring was a snap and the GUI is a nice alternative to a simple Explorer style front-end.

  3. The fact that it keeps track of all my changes is awesome! I can go back several hours, days, weeks or months. Too good to be true. Please count me in!

  4. This is nice software and well worth having in any computer. The features are very good and easy to plus i like that i can back up my iTunes.Im using it to back up files on my laptop now plus it has backed up my USB which is handy as ive lost things a few times. Ive tried a few bck up software’s and i think this is worth the competition. I would recommend this to anyone for an easy and reliable back up source for home or office

  5. I had normally been using robocopy from microsoft to backup files. This is the first time I’ve seen the ability for the software to restore past versions of the file. I noticed a small slow down on the machine when saving files.

  6. I’m always fiddling with my Excel spreadsheets, and this capability is just what I need. I tested it with a couple of important financial spreadsheets of mine, and it worked just as advertised.

    Please count me in.

  7. I am a hobbyist programmer and many times, I have encountered file corruption problems, if for any reason power is down or if the PC gets hanged. Using this backup utility, I can have many versions of my files backed up and even in cases of data loss, I could still recover the correct version.

    Moreover, I could also select another version of backup file, if I decide to get to a previous version or simply have a look at previous file versions.

  8. Keeping track of all my changes is a great benefit to me, in that I can review my files, and select from anytime time in the past. Sure would like the full version of this awesome backup utility

  9. i’ve been always be comfortable with traditional backup sw (i.e norton ghost or recently paragon backup). but i’ve always had a complaint : the inability to restore my system keeping some of the changes made from the last backup (i admit i don’t backup every 7 days). but now with this amazing sw it seems possible. i really hope to win that license. if i would the experience “choose the smaller trouble : lose all your system or a part of your data” will belong only to my past!!

    please give me that free license.

  10. I lost a very important file on the desktop (deleted by mistake, even the dustbin of windows)
    I use several software to recover without sucked
    but with the peculiarity of this software to just go back
    (with every version of every file has changed)
    data will not be lost in the future.

    I hope to receive a license
    best regards
    Proposer un

  11. Hi,

    There are very few features on MAC that I am jealous of. OSX Time Machine (minus the ugly starry background) is one of them. It is sooooo useful and cleverly built. Now I can also brag that my PC will be using such a powerful, useful and lifesaving software. My wife will certainly approve as well… as there will be much less swearing in the house…..

    Cheers and thanks,

  12. I am always downloading software for my win 7 64 bit build and sometimes things dont work out right. I would love to have this to be able to go back to changes i have made

  13. As a person always work on excel, word, power point, project, etc… I find that I really need this software to save my life. Yes, my life because it will and did be a pain in the buck if my work get lost after it reach 99% done. When I try the trial version of this software, I feel very comfortable using it. The Dashboard is very clean and organized.

  14. After completing 21 years in the US Army, and having both children serving right now in the US army, I have slowly moved into corporate life… a whole different world. I have come to the realization that this program is my life saver. I dont know if its my mind, my hen-pecking at the keyboard, or what, but it seems that I forget things quite easily now. My actions on the computer followed that pattern as well, and my documents disappear at random. I know its me, but at the fast pace I am working at, I open a document only to realize that I had updated it but the updates are not there. Apparently I overwrote earlier text and data and now its not there….. SO…. I run this program and OMG!… it saved me so many times. This program is a “CYA” program if I ever saw it ! Thanks for the recommendation and I love it ! Tim

  15. The BackInTime™ technology is the one feature which I like the most of all. It will be very helpful for me as I am working with lot of excel files where am I doing lot of calculations in it. I can recover the changes.

  16. I have my to many files in my PC in my home especially my office documents (to much workaholic). But because I only have one PC. There are many user of the PC. So it is prone to accidental deletion. I came to this site and I read this software. It is very interesting so I tried it. I tried every function and its very amazed that the program recover my previos file. I very much alike to this program is the I can found my misplaced files because I thought before that I have many of files and I can found it in a snap. I very much like it is the “nables you not only to recover that file – but it also offers the added benefit of allowing you to recover all past versions of that file!” and it works!

    Thanks for this unique and very useful software…

  17. This is a marvelous app that could be a life-saver: there’s a 13 year old in the house who just is often in a hurry and deletes files that he shouldn’t. Including homework!

    This would prevent the panicked cries I sometimes have to deal with. And am I sure the homework was really deleted instead of simply not done?

    Oh, yeah, it would be very handy for going back and looking up older versions of Word documents.

    Sign me up, please.

  18. I work many word documents for work and invariably end up saving over old versions of documents I wish I could get back! The BackInTime™ technology is the one feature which I like the most of all, and will save me stress and maybe a heart attack from frustration – hopefully I win a license – fingers crossed!

  19. I’m in too, I want a free license. It is a really good backup program. It’s like a time machine. I can go back to recover deleted files. You can find and recover changes made to your documents, photos, videos, etc. Amazing!!! I need this program

  20. I am planning of shifting my entire collection of 40GB Videos to a external drive that I intend to buy. This software would be of tremendous use to me especially with its version control.

    I just tried Oops Backup and it seems very impressive. Though the interface seems too basic, some advanced controls and scheduling control of backup is needed like shutting down of pc after backup. This is essentially useful if I have a hdd of 60-80 GB to backup and I can do that at night without worrying of pc being on.

  21. Great backup program for my little new netbook. Working on the road; back home and ‘tjakka’ (dutch expression for behold!!) my work e.g. documents will be automatically saved entering my house.
    Just great!!

  22. It says calculating space required but then it doesn’t tell me the space required at “Step 2 of 3 Choose where to backup to” It does tell on 3 of 3 but then I have to go back. Not a big deal. Also if I could see bytes done/total bytes (and speed) instead of number of files/total files in the status, because file sizes can vary greatly. Other than that works good and fast.

  23. Congrats 🙂

    Nick Franken

    The license will be sent to you tomorrow by mail. In case you don’t see it in your Inbox, please check your Junk box too.