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OnlyOffice review: Free Office applications suite to manage documents, projects, etc.

OnlyOffice is a free Office suite designed for users to create, edit and manage their documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Integrated with CRM software system, this multi-featured business suite is available for small companies as well as for home users.

While there are many other such free alternatives to Microsoft Office, OnlyOffice stands out of the crowd for its additional set of features. Originally named as TeamLab, OnlyOffice has now come up with offers a free version of its software, with a few extra features and improved customer relation management system. It allows you to optimize the work between in your employees.

OnlyOffice review

Just sign up for the free version of OnlyOffice with your name, email, and other contact details. Once you are done with sign-up, you can create your account name with a custom URL; Confirm your email address and get started. You can also sign in using your Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter or LinkedIn accounts.

Simple Layout

The software comes with a very simple layout, and the main overview has it all. The left panel shows the features and options available. You can create new documents, check your documents, shared documents, common documents, and the project documents here.

Online document editors

The tool comprises a good list of document editors with support for almost every format including TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, CSV, HTML and more. It provides full-functional editors for spreadsheet, documents or presentations. It further supports collaborative editing of spreadsheets which helps you optimizing the work between your employees. Users can edit their documents right in their browser with downloading or installing any software or tool, no matter which operating system they are using.

Connected accounts

You can link your other cloud accounts to OnlyOffice and view, edit or share all your documents stored in any of those cloud services. Just click on Add Account tab in the left panel of OnlyOffice and add the accounts you want. The software supports Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Yandex.Disk, SharePoint and many more cloud services.


OnlyOffice is one of the best CRM software available around which helps you communicating with your clients in a simpler and organized way.  It covers a broad set of features required to manage the customer data of a company, interaction with customers, partners’ relationships, sales, invoices, and marketing details, etc.

You first need to add your contacts in your account. Click the Document tab in the main ribbon on the top and click on CRM, now click on the small down arrow and import your contacts. 

Other useful tools include the Calendar, Chat, People and Community. The Community tab includes blogs, events, forums, birthdays, and bookmarks. 

Invite Users

OnlyOffice lets you invite your colleagues to your portal for some document sharing or project collaboration. Click on Invite users to portal tab and you will get a link to add users. Copy and paste the link to invite people on your portal. There is also an option to create new users or a group to share a document with. The software also allows to add users from your Facebook,  Google + and Twitter profile or to upload a .CSV file of contacts from Yahoo or Google.

OnlyOffice Help Center

The software has a great customer support system. Click on the Help Center tab in the left panel, and you can get solutions to all your questions and queries. The tool also includes the direct links of video guides to understanding the features well.

Overall, OnlyOffice is a nice, simple, intuitive and useful cloud business service which contains everything one would look for in a CRM tool. It is a complete Office Suite which enables companies to manage customer relations, projects, and documents at one place. The simple layout makes usable. OnlyOffice undoubtedly is a nice alternative to Office, as it efficiently opens complex OOXML files (docx, pptx, xlsx) – the most used document format in the world, created by Microsoft.

OnlyOffice free download

ONLYOFFICE Personal free web application for co-editing documents is available here.

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is a free Office suite to work with documents offline is available here. It is free for personal use only.

The source code of OnlyOffice is available on GitHub under AGPL v.3 license, so that everyone can use it free of charge for both personal and business use.

Since it is a free and Open Source project ONLYOFFICE offers the free self-hosted version of its business solution that includes a set of tools to manage projects, documents, email, client relations, events, etc at The prebuild binaries for its installation on Windows are available on SourceForge. The installation instructions can be found on their website.