OnLive Desktop Plus adds Internet Explorer to OnLive Desktop for iPad


  1. well, the article focuses on getting Windows 7 functionality if not all, few on an ‘iPad’. so onlive plus appears as better option for getting them with browser integration (Internet Explorer) and Flash support.

  2. I don’t think so but I could be wrong. If you use Splashtop say, you can do anything your remote computer can do and do it remotely. For example, I can use Splashtop on any tablet (even running WebOS) and connect to my Win 7 desktop and watch Netlfix, live TV, Hulu, browse the net with any loaded browser, use word, excel, etc, all as if I was using it natively on my tablet or smartphone. It’s like logmein on steroids and costs about $10. They have version of the client and streamer that run on WebOS, IOS, and Android. Nout sure about Linux. I guess this would be better if I didn’t have a desktop or at least one running Win 7 and I wanted it for some reason…

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