OneNote Windows Store App, gets Radial Menu, OCR, Camera Scan & more

A good number of users are aware that two useful Office applications made particularly for Windows 8 new interface, are Lync and OneNote. The OneNote app, available for download from the Windows Store, not only helps you in typing notes, but hosts multiple features like Camera Scan, Optical Character Recognition and a Share Charm.

You may have observed, Microsoft has done away with traditional menus and toolbars. They no longer appear in the OneNote Windows Store app. Instead, you find something called the app bar, which appears when you right-click with your mouse. To supplement the app bar, the software giant has introduced a unique feature called the Radial Menu.

App bar

Touted as the most prominent feature of OneNote app, the menu, apart from its attention-getting name gives quick access a lot of settings.

OneNote Windows Store App

A turbo-charged context menu optimized for touch operation having different controls hiding underneath. The options appear upon clicking an icon that is seen when a text is highlighted.

Radial Menu icon

The commands available on these menus change, depending on what you’re currently doing, says For instance, if you are typing text, the radial menu for Page commands appears, giving you quick access to familiar commands like Undo, Copy, or Paste.

onenote windows store app

If you see any arrows around on the outer edge of a radial menu, it indicates, you have more command choices available. Simply click arrow to show the additional choices.

onenote windows store app Radial Menu

Whenever you’re done with a radial menu, you can click center icon or press ESC key if you have a keyboard connected. Doing so dismisses the menu.

If you’re in a sub-level of any radial menu and would like to go back toprevious level, click the Back arrow in the center of the menu.

Radial Menu image 3

Alternately, you can press ESC on a keyboard to do the same.

In addition to all this, OneNote also supports a number of keyboard shortcuts that can help you navigate and control your notes more quickly. Go get it from the Windows Store.

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