ON1 Effects is an exceptional tool for basic photo editing


  1. What a disturbing image this was to illustrate an editing system…that makes me pass on learning anything more about it : (

  2. I’m sorry Ms O’Connor, but your Western sensibility privileges won’t work on me. They are non-living. Both teddy bears are filled with sponge and are lifeless. They can do no harm to each other for they do not feel emotions because they have no emotions.

    It’s just a picture of two teddy bears. As harmless as a butterfly.

  3. I mean’t to say sensitivity instead of sensibility. Hopefully my comment makes more sense to you now.

  4. I’m a photo editor, every day I have to process bulk images, as like color correction, filter effects, retouching and many more, may be this one will be helpful, but I don’t want to shift from Photoshop, it will be better if it’s possible to use as a plaging! Would you please tell me I can use it in Photoshop CS 6? Thanks!

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