Offline Reading Apps for Lumia Smartphone

Offline reading apps have gained a huge popularity recently, and for the good reason that they allow us to read even when we are offline. We often have to deal with a lack of an internet connection, especially when we are travelling. Those are the times when these offline reading apps to read articles or books without an internet connection. These apps also let you save any web page or article to read later when you are free or offline.

Offline Reading Apps for Lumia Windows Phone

If you are a Lumia owner, and looking for the offline reading apps, you are at the right place. Here we have pulled together a list of best Pocket apps in the Windows Phone Marketplace for your Lumia that offer you the offline e-book reading abilities on your Smartphone. Pick the one which suits you the most, download it and drift on to your favorite article or book.


TimeToRead, is a free offline reading application for Lumia users, which allows them to save a webpage or articles to read them later without an internet connection. However, it might disturb you a bit with the adverts, but is one of the most popular offline reading apps among Windows users. You just have to sync using internet connection and you can read it when you are free and also tweet about it. Download it here.

Burn After ReadingOffline Reading Apps for Lumia Windows Phone

Burn After Reading app comes in a free as well as paid version. Both versions are equally featured and the only difference is that trial version contain ads that might disturb you while reading your favorite article. Other features of the app includes the ability to save pages in Google Bookmarks, metro design, ability to add new pages to your existing reading list, search for a particular web page in your list, and advanced sharing system. It is available at Windows Phone Store.

Read Laterreadlater

This is yet another useful app for Lumia users which comes two different view modes—article view and original page. This app lets the Lumia users to connect with their Pocket account and sync the saved web pages and online articles. Furthermore, it also lets users to download the articles for offline reading. Available for USD 0.99, Read Later app also offers a trial version. Buy it here.


This Pocket app allows the Lumia users to download complete web pages and save it to read later. Users can integrate InstaFetch with their Instapaper account and save the online article to Evernote and enjoy reading it on their Lumia device. The paid version of InstaFetch is available for USD 2.49, however, you can use the trial version first. Download free version of InstaFetch here.


This Pocket app is available for USD 3.49 in the Windows Phone Store. MetroPaper allows Lumia users to sync their entire Read It Later list for offline reading. Users can also add more article to their reading list and also share them with their friends on social networking websites. Furthermore, it also allows users to pin their favorite articles to their home screen for fast access. You can always try the trial version before you pay for the app. Download it here.

HTML to PDFhtmlpdf300

As the name suggests, this app helps users to save any web pages as pdf to read later. Just by pasting the URL of the web page into the text box of their Lumia device, users can download the pdf to local storage to read it later when offline. Additionally, the app also lets users see a preview before downloading the PDF file in their device. It also shows the download history in case you need same links in future. There is no trial version available for this app and you can buy it for USD 1.99 from Windows Phone Store.

Offline Browserofflinebrowser300

Name says everything. This app allows users to save the complete web page to their Lumia’s local storage including the images. Users can read the article and see the images later when they are free and having no access to internet. Unlike the other such apps, Offline Browser shows the suggestions when users type something in the search box. You can buy this app from Windows Phone Store at USD 0.99.

These were some of the best offline reading apps for Lumia users. Pick your choice and start enjoying reading your favorite online articles without an internet connection.

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