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How to turn on Offline Browsing in Google Chrome

Offline browsing in Google Chrome is what many Chrome users are looking for. When you are connected to the Internet and visit any website, it shows the latest web pages by fetching from the server. But, what if you are not connected to internet and still want to access the web pages which you have recently visited? Suppose, you are traveling and not in the condition to get the internet connection, but still want to access the previously visited webpages in Google Chrome? Then, this article is for you. I will let you know how to do offline browsing in Google Chrome.

Offline Browsing in Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer offer the option for offline mode. When this is ON, then every copy of the webpage you visit is saved as the cached copy when you are connected to the internet and it can be accessed when you are not connected to the internet or offline. Now, we will see how to enable offline browsing in Google Chrome.

First make sure that, you have the latest version of Google Chrome installed. \Next, open the Google Chrome and type “Chrome://flags” in the address bar and hit enter.

Chrome shows the warning message as you should be careful with these experiments.

Next, search for “Enable show Saved copy Button”. Enabling this option, shows you the “Show saved copy” button when you are trying to access the webpage in offline mode.

From the drop down, select either “Enable: Primary” or “Enable: Secondary”. BY choosing the first option, it shows the “Show saved copy” button in the salient position and by choosing the second option, it shows the “Show saved copy” button secondary to reload button.

Select the desired option and you are asked to relaunch Chrome. After relaunching Chrome, now to test this feature first you need to get your laptop or any device disconnected from the Internet, either by removing the LAN or disabling the WiFi.

Now that you are offline and try to access the webpage which you have recently visited. You will be shown the “Unable to connect to the Internet” message along with the dinosaur image in Google Chrome. If you look carefully, you would see the “Show saved copy” blue colored button. When you click on it, it loads the webpage from the cache which was saved when you are connected to the internet.

All this happens as Google Chrome and many other web browsers save the images, CSS, Java Script, HTML in the browser Cache. But, videos and other components on the web page which needs internet connection will be replaced with the error message or place holder message.

This is what offline browsing is in Google Chrome. This really comes handy when you are in flight or in a no-internet place and want to access the already visited webpages.