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Office Lens Immersive Reader and Frame Guide Features

Microsoft recently updated its Office Lens for iOS app. The two new features rolled out in the latest version of the app provide ‘accessible’ feature for the visually impaired individuals, in addition to the intuitive reading experience.

One of the features, Immersive Reader, enables users to easily scan and read content, thereby allowing them to read text out loud with simultaneous highlighting that improves, fluency and comprehension. Speaking rate lets you adjust the speed of the voice reading back the words.

The other feature in the list, Frame Guide allows you to frame your pictures by using Voice Over. The feature uses Apple’s Voice Over technology. It guides a user in capturing the relevant content by telling the user to move back, to the right or in other directions to get the full page in the frame, using orientation detection and column recognition.

This helps in readily turning text on a printed page into searchable and readable content.

Office Lens Immersive Reader & Frame Guide Features

To use these features, launch Office Lens app, choose a document to scan. The Frame Guide feature of the app will make a user understand how to capture his desired content by asking the user to move back, front to get the full page in the frame.

Once you get a full frame of the document, the app will scan the document. Scanning can take few seconds to minutes time.

When the image of the document is created, chose ‘immersive Reader’ application to let the app read out text for you using Apple’s voiceover technology.

When you load Immersive Reader, you’ll notice the text from the images you scanned.

Here, simply use the Play button visible on- screen to have the page dictated to you. Each word will be highlighted as the narrator recites the document aloud.

If, at any point, you would like to skip the audio, tap the Skip forward icon to start reading from the bottom of the page.

Besides these changes, other that are visible include,

You can download Office lens app from the iOS Store. To view a video and for more information on this topic, visit Office Blogs.