New Features in Microsoft Office 2013: Screenshots included


  1. It, for whatever reason, would not or could not read any of my Office 2010 Excel and Word files. For that reason alone it was promptly un-installed which is not clearly documented.
    Without backwards compatibility at least with 2010 files I fail to see it taking off.

  2. I think this is a step backward, it’s too plain, and look like liebra office at
    six times the price. I will be staying with 2010.

  3. I completely agree! It’s so nondescript, it would be difficult to see anything–especially email in Outlook! Very disappointing, MS. It’s even stupider than the Metro desktop! Improved functionality with worse cosmetics is not the key to success.

  4. I have just uninstalled this load of crap, and reinstalled office 2010 with all its gorgeous colour interface. And now I can get on with my work the way I like, instead of Microsoft telling me what they like. But they don’t have to use it everyday I DOO.

  5. They planned for future, good. But they planned for distant future – bad. I can’t imagine myself using metro version of Office or even Win8. If they don’t go ahead and change the look of Web Apps, probably I would stick to Office 2010 and use Web Apps where necessary. The way they are bringing in the metro UI, I feel they are pushing it on us, the users. I better start saving to buy Surface, no?

  6. I’ve just installed ms. office 2013
    quasi has been running smoothly
    but why the transition in power pointnya not work

  7. 1. Office 365 seems to be pretty retarded and therefore seems to be ideal or retards. I wonder who ever asked Microsoft to integrate Videos in Word. Stupid fuck… (“If you print your Video-Writings with more than 80ppm you can visit the video in the collection tray!”)

    But i Appreciate, that Excel 2013 finally integrates “Arabic numerals”(WTF, mate?!) as mentioned in the Text. When I was calculating bids, before I spent hours to transfer my arabic written prices and factors to the roman numerals Excel 2010 used and back. Using decimal places was kind of a pain in the youknowwehere…

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  9. I’m note very pleased at all with the way Microsoft has gone about introducing this system and putting it out there. Where are the security measures for more private sensitive work like research, and keeping certain studies secluded. No not pleasing at all

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