New Features in Microsoft Office 2013: Screenshots included

The new version comes as the first upgrade to popular suite in 3 years. The current release is the customer preview version of the new suite Office 2013 aka Office 15, and this release is touted to feature many more improvements.

Microsoft Office 2013 New Features

Office 2013 boasts a refreshed design, heavily inspired from the Metro User Interface and optimized mainly for touch-based gestures. The software has been mainly designed to work in concert with a vast array of services that Microsoft acquired in recent months example, Skype.

Skype, the popular video chatting service is now built into Office 2013 and therefore a part of the suite. The service will be offering a user 60 minutes of Skype world minutes every month, after he signs up for a subscription to Office (Office 365 Home Premium version). Yammer — a private social network for businesses, recently purchased by Microsoft will also function in conjunction with SharePoint and Microsoft Dynamics.

Office 2013 offers new subscription services and is available as a cloud-based subscription service.

That said; let us in brief discuss changes being brought to Office applications:

Microsoft Word:

Rather than storing documents on computer, users will get the option to share them online with their Facebook friends. Microsoft Word will unify with social networking services such as Facebook and Flickr. The unification will make it easier for them to pull their favorite pictures straight from the sites and insert them into a doc, instead of having them to download manually on their computer. A feature called Resume Reading will also be seen in Word as well as PowerPoint. It will allow the app users pick up exactly where they last left off and resume reading or editing.

It will also be possible to view videos from popular video-sharing website such as YouTube, live, in Word documents. A simple click on a YouTube video inserted into your document will hide the rest of the screen and play the video. Clicking outside of the video player will stop playback and take you back to the document for editing.

Microsoft Excel 2013

Excel 2013 will perform the same old operations of presenting data and creating charts, but in more intuitive way. It will feature more advanced calculations with the integration of Arabic numerals.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

PowerPoint will feature improved templates and transition effects. It will include an auto-bookmarking feature too. Besides, the new chart engine access feature will let PowerPoint users pick charts from Excel 2013 worksheets and insert them as slides in their PowerPoint presentations.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2013

Better management and less crowded navigation will be the main highlights of Microsoft Office Outlook 2013. For users’ convenience, Microsoft has added ‘Inline replies’ features that will help them reply to emails in a single click. Moreover, a Weather Bar feature has also been added to Outlook 2013 for allowing users to check the weather before scheduling or accepting invites for new meetings.

Apart from this, Office 2013’s automatic integration with SkyDrive will allow Office users to sync their files in cloud using their Microsoft accounts and update documents, presentations and spreadsheets automatically. This will ensure that users access the most recent version of any file, no matter on what device they are.

The ribbon user interface too has undergone a makeover and now includes more space between icons to ease touch control.

Microsoft is also planning to come up with fanciful Marketplace in order to provide Office users a resource to find tools for expanding the software capabilities and customizing the work the way they need to.

Here are screen shots of its other applications. Click on the images to see larger versions.

OneNote 2013

Lync 2013

InfoPath 2013

Access 2013

How to download and use Microsoft Office 2013

If you have Microsoft ID, you can get your hands on the customer preview of Office 2013. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit and click on the ‘Signup’ tab to download the customer preview version.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft ID.
  3. Then, wait a few minutes for the setup to unfold, and download Office to the device of your choice.

Office 2013 offline direct download links

If you do not have a Microsoft ID, you can download the setups by visiting the links mentioned here. But to start using it and storing your files on the cloud, you will be required to sign in with your Microsoft Account. I have a Microsoft Account, but I preferred to install it using the direct download link.

When you start your Office 2013 installation, you will be asked to click on Install Now, if you prefer a express installation or Customize, if you wish to customize your install.

Once you have made your choice, the installation will go on smoothly.

After the installation is completed, you will see the Office application tiles on your Windows 8 start screen.


My Office

As mentioned earlier, saving files to SkyDrive is the default – and not the C drive. It is also moving to a subscription-based model where your Office files will be tied to your Microsoft ID account. You will be able to manage all your Office files via your “My Office” page.

Microsoft Office Store

The new Office Store will offer many free and paid apps for download to enhance the usability and functionality of Office 2013. You can also download this document from Microsoft, which talks of what is new in Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2013.

Please note that Office 2013 will run on Windows 7 and the Windows 8 only; it does not support Windows Vista and earlier builds of Windows like Windows XP, etc.

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  1. Alan Wade

    It, for whatever reason, would not or could not read any of my Office 2010 Excel and Word files. For that reason alone it was promptly un-installed which is not clearly documented.
    Without backwards compatibility at least with 2010 files I fail to see it taking off.

  2. ShaunWarburton

    I think this is a step backward, it’s too plain, and look like liebra office at
    six times the price. I will be staying with 2010.

  3. I completely agree! It’s so nondescript, it would be difficult to see anything–especially email in Outlook! Very disappointing, MS. It’s even stupider than the Metro desktop! Improved functionality with worse cosmetics is not the key to success.

  4. trm96

    Why does it suprise me that it has a Metro UI? I rather dislike the look of metro…

  5. ShaunWarburton

    I have just uninstalled this load of crap, and reinstalled office 2010 with all its gorgeous colour interface. And now I can get on with my work the way I like, instead of Microsoft telling me what they like. But they don’t have to use it everyday I DOO.

  6. Arun Kumar

    They planned for future, good. But they planned for distant future – bad. I can’t imagine myself using metro version of Office or even Win8. If they don’t go ahead and change the look of Web Apps, probably I would stick to Office 2010 and use Web Apps where necessary. The way they are bringing in the metro UI, I feel they are pushing it on us, the users. I better start saving to buy Surface, no?

  7. Tiotaco

    Not much here to encourage a buyer.

  8. Tim_orerockon

    “A small step step backward for Microsoft; one giant leap backward for mankind.”

  9. Chrispuff

    gah! so insulting! something positive ppl

  10. Sayekti Afandi

    I’ve just installed ms. office 2013
    quasi has been running smoothly
    but why the transition in power pointnya not work

  11. Stewcort

    needs to get a clue that they are headed in the wrong direction with all of this Metro crap.

  12. JohnHaddndiggn

    1. Office 365 seems to be pretty retarded and therefore seems to be ideal or retards. I wonder who ever asked Microsoft to integrate Videos in Word. Stupid fuck… (“If you print your Video-Writings with more than 80ppm you can visit the video in the collection tray!”)

    But i Appreciate, that Excel 2013 finally integrates “Arabic numerals”(WTF, mate?!) as mentioned in the Text. When I was calculating bids, before I spent hours to transfer my arabic written prices and factors to the roman numerals Excel 2010 used and back. Using decimal places was kind of a pain in the youknowwehere…

  13. blindhorse

    I bought an office 2013 activate key from &&& windows 8.1 key sale &&& on bing,it working fine now, I think you may need it ,just search for it from bing,you’ll get it.

  14. T3H1

    I’m note very pleased at all with the way Microsoft has gone about introducing this system and putting it out there. Where are the security measures for more private sensitive work like research, and keeping certain studies secluded. No not pleasing at all

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