Will Nokia-Windows Phone make it back to the top? Will they…?

Nokia and Windows Phone are the most trending words today in the mobile field. And why not since many call this a comeback for Nokia. By this, we mean the strategic partnership between Nokia and Microsoft, with the former promising to use the latter’s mobile operating system, the Windows Phone OS as its primary operation system in upcoming handsets. And after launching the first device to be running on Windows Phone Mango, the Nokia Lumia 800, the future looks promising for both of them.

With Windows Mobile 6.5 not being that good a success and with competitors like Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) racing ahead, Microsoft also did not want to be left behind. It needed a partner. And so did Nokia, as its found its sales fumbling. Hence this led to the joining of hands between these two giants and ‘something’ was born. What exactly this something is shall be known soon (give or take 6 months). But as far as we can predict, this is definitely a step in the right direction.

On 28th October, Nokia revealed that it is targeting over 50 per cent market share in India within 2012. With the newly ‘Asha‘ series and the two Nokia Lumia models running on Windows Phone Mango just being launched, Nokia feels it’s the right time to invest the maximum in marketing promotion/sales.

 Our target share should always be more than half of the total market…I think we would be able to get there in 2012 by focusing on great innovative products, great delivery and experience at retail points, services and content integration,” says Nokia India’s Vice-President and Managing Director D. Shivakumar.

After using the Nokia Lumia 800, many iPhone users want to switch. Yes that’s true. The iPhone 4S isn’t heavenly for all. Siri just didn’t understand a bit of my friend’s English, having bought it just a day ago. And what a disappointment that immediately it switched itself off and refuses to switch on. No wonder he is shipping back the iPhone 4S. Sad. And to top that, Nokia and Microsoft have collectively announced a dozen of campaigns/competitions where Windows Phone Mango devices are to be given away as prizes (there is also a talk of Nokia giving away 25000 Lumia 800 devices to dedicated developers) which is of course the icing on the cake.

Once a Nokia, always a Nokia‘ goes a famous saying. And it stays true. In the Gulf, such is the craze of Nokia devices that folks there rename the mobile phones as they desire (Nokia 6600 – Panda, Nokia 6630 – Shaitaan). Blackberry is losing its usage share after the recent network crisis which let to an outrage. And in the future, I don’t think the light over the iPhone brand will be that bright. However, Android is a good competitor and here to stay. And its the competition between two tech giants (technologies) that lead to better and better products. Like the one between Windows Phone and Android.

Nokia‘s share of the global handset market fell 5% in the third quarter compared to the same period a year ago. However, Nokia still owns the largest portion of the marketwith more than 106.6 million mobile phones — or 27.3% of all mobile phones being sold, according to estimates from Boston-based research and consulting firm Strategy Analytics.

But in all this, I have a gut feeling that Nokia will re-emerge as the most trusted brand with the highest amount of user base share. And the old good days will be back for Nokia.

*History repeats itself*

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