Was Nokia building an Android Lumia phone?

Was Nokia preparing to launch an Android-based Lumia smartphone? You bet it was. Recently, it was revealed that a small team within Nokia had successfully ported the Android OS on a prototype Nokia Lumia handset much before the exclusive Microsoft-Nokia deal had happened.


Had Microsoft not intervened and sought to buy off the Devices and Services division of the Finnish company, a Nokia Android smartphone would have been more than just a prototype, somewhere in late 2014. The experiment of running Android on Lumia devices was reportedly a secret one though the Softies at Redmond had good sniff about it.

But thanks to Microsoft for playing spoilsport and buying off Nokia’s important mobile division, the chances of an Android phone from the Finnish development unit are as bleak as my chances of becoming an astronaut immediately after graduation. But the question remains, would you be willing to spend bucks on an Android Lumia smartphone from Nokia? Though being an ardent Windows Phone fan, I definitely would.

I care for my Lumia 920 more than my toothbrush and have been an early adopter of Microsoft’s mobile OS right from the Windows Phone 7 days. That being said, I would have loved to use a Lumia smartphone running Android given the fact that Nokia is famed for its impeccable hardware designs and Android is a pretty slick and intuitive mobile OS (let’s forget about its malware-blocking inability, for the moment). Both of them coming together on a mobile device is like having Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi play as forwards for the same team. Dream combination? Oh yes!

Since Nokia handsets account for more than 80% of the Windows Phone devices out in the market, maybe Microsoft got frills when it learnt about this secret Android project inside the Nokia stables and convinced its board to buy Nokia’s most profitable mobile division. Maybe it realized that Nokia adopting Android OS would send a wrong signal about its own mobile OS as Nokia had the option to exit the Windows Phone partnership at the end of 2014. Maybe, just maybe.

But the Softies can now heave a sigh of relief. Nokia’s Mobile Services division is now under their arms (I still believe that Nokia should not agreed to the sale of this division to Microsoft) implying that the confidential Android project will die a slow death. And as much as I’d love to but I won’t be seeing a Nokia Android phone any time soon.

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