Nokia and Microsoft alliance all set to rule the mobile market

Microsoft and Nokia deal has recently been the subject of excited debate uproar. And finally a few days back, in an official press release announcement the dust settled and Microsoft and Nokia, announced their two years alliance to deliver a whole new product streamline.



This new alliance will surely not good news for Google and Apple as Nokia is the biggest mobile handset manufacturer and by joining hands with it, Microsoft is planning to up roar Windows Phone 7 OS in the market.

Microsoft and Nokia have seen the big economic value of marriage, but the biggest uncertainty is the rapid change taking place in the mobile world. Will Nokia , who is “addicted to” or we can say never worked on except Symbian OS, be able to put up with two years of the transition period required for Windows Phone 7?

Today, Nokia and Microsoft are in smartphone market but Nokia is lacking with a new innovative approach, which can put some new feel in its smartphone and Microsoft is in search of a well established soul mate in mobile market. So, in this alliance, Windows Phone7 and the application of the ecosystem becomes the focus of cooperation. It is sure that Nokia device will have the next version of Windows phone 7 i.e. 7.5, codenamed ‘Mango’, which will have some major feature updates and bug fixes in it.

Now here are my views about the benefit to both sides:

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Benefit to Nokia: According to The New York Times which reports that Nokia has been “hundreds of millions of dollars” in funding for engineering assistance and marketing support. There is no doubt that Microsoft has given Nokia a good price.

Nokia was able to streamline its unwieldy corporate structure, said by Nokia CEO Sidifenai Roper (Stephen Elop) on Friday that this deal in future will cut costs, layoffs and reemployment training. Reuters pointed out that Nokia may have to “cut thousands of jobs.”

Nokia may find an alternative of its Symbian OS with this deal and it may also help in cutting costs on software development of the mobile manufacturer giant.

Benefit to Microsoft: Microsoft needs to promote its Windows Phone 7 operating system. This deal might weaken the mobile phone OS giant Google Android in the mobile applications dominance.

Microsoft is surely not bother about earning money by this deal in the short run – the ultimate goal is to spread the market of Windows Phone 7 and its applications. Nokia Ovi Store have almost 4 millions download daily and Microsoft will be benefited up to a greater extent with the availability of WP 7 apps at Ovi Store.

Conclusion: This deal may end the Nokia’s search for a new kind of OS for its smartphones or if the deal will goes well and both companies see the future in it, then we may see some powerful smartphones, which can do real magic.

In my opinion, people will love to buy a new Nokia powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7. I am also eager to hands on a Nokia WP7 Smartphone!

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