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No Sound in Windows apps like XBOX Music or Video applications

You may run into a situation, where normal system sound may work fine, but you may be unable to hear the sounds from any Windows Store apps, including XBOX Music or Video applications.

No Sound in Windows apps

The reason behind this is some specific Windows Store app that may be using JavaScript. Such an app is similar to an app for Internet Explorer or for any HTML5-compatible browser, and may typically consists of components, documents, resources and behaviors developed by using the following technologies:

The process that hosts and executes a Windows Store app using JavaScript is called WWAHost.exe. This process provides a superset of functionality greater than that provided by the Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, says Microsoft. Therefore, if your web app runs under Internet Explorer, it can also easily be run under WWAHost.exe.

So if you find that sound is disabled in webpages which are HTML based, CSS based or Java-script based, none of the Windows 8 Store application that are ported from web-based application will have sound. To fix this we need to check and make sure “Play sound in Webpage” is enabled in the Internet Explorer.

Enable sound in Internet Explorer

To enable sound in Internet Explorer follow these:

Now most of the Windows Store applications should be working fine.

Remember this method works only if you have sound on other application BUT not on Windows Store applications.

If there is no sound at all then it might be a driver related problem. You could in such cases try running the built-in Sound Troubleshooter.

I hope you find this solution helpful.