Chat & Share across Devices & Messengers using Nimbuzz Messenger for Windows Phone 8

Nimbuzz Messenger is a free app for mobile phones that allows you to send unlimited chat messages and share files on any mobile device across popular messengers. It lets you chat, share media with your buddies on Facebook, GTalk, etc, for free and is available on Windows Phone, Android, iOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Java, PC and Mac.

There is good news for Windows Phone 8 users! The brand new Nimbuzz 1.1.3 is available for download on your Windows phone. For existing Nimbuzz users, this one is much more quick and efficient as compared to the earlier version of the app.

Nimbuzz Messenger

Nimbuzz Messenger

The Nimbuzz messenger app gives you a super-sonic experience of connecting and sharing indefinite messages and files (music, pictures, videos, etc.) with mobile device across the world. Nimbuzz enhances the smartphone experience by taking communication and file sharing to a whole another level. It makes it so easy to connect with any person, anytime, anywhere! You can also connect your Facebook or Gtalk with it at absolutely no cost and chat or share files through it. Till date, Nimbuzz has more than 150 million registered users across all mobile platforms.

What’s new in Nimbuzz

  • Message Queuing enables the user to have unlimited chats, bearing no cost at all and moreover, it is a reliable way of sending messages in an offline state.
  • Smart Launch and quick access to the list of contacts and chat saves time.
  • Enhanced UI & Design gives a fresh look to the messenger
  • User ID suggestions are given to new users, creating their account for the first time on Nimbuzz
  • Advanced performance in terms of speed and file sharing, through bug fixes.

Features of Nimbuzz

  • Zero-cost messaging: now substitute SMS with unlimited free messages through chat
  • IM Accounts: easy connect and collaborate your multiple IM accounts like Gtalk, Facebook, etc. into one single list
  • Easy file sharing: click and share your pictures with closed ones, along with other file types like music, videos and documents.
  • Chat Buddies: Use other popular services by Nimbuzz like Twitter, Astrology, Cricket, etc.
  • And lots more: Indicates message typing, create free avatars, manage contacts, N-World, presence management and more.

Download Nimbuzz Messenger here.

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