Next level UI for Windows based Tablets, Netbooks & Public Displays!

Several people share the opinion that Windows 7’s user interface was not designed from the ground-up for multi-touch, like touch-screen mobile devices or an iPad. The multi-touch capabilities are included much like an add-on.

FrontFace is a project by mirabyte to combine the power and flexibility of Windows-based devices with an intuitive interface that integrates all the Web-based functionality in a single interface that is optimized for both touch screen enabled devices and for netbooks; although it can also be used on any desktop computer in the same way.

FrontFace gives you an easy access to frequently used features such as a Web browser, and also the typical offline applications. It integrates information from the Web (such as your RSS feeds, social network updates, dynamic Web content, emails, etc.), and notifies you if something ‘interesting’ happens.

FrontFace gives any Windows 7 tablet, a custom user interface which is ideal for digital prodding and swiping, including a custom browser, app launcher, and social networking integration. It supports JavaScript, Flash, and Silverlight, as well as the ability to merge a webapp into its own UI.

In order to address the different devices with their specific use cases, mirabyte intends to release several editions of FrontFace:

  • FrontFace Ultimate (for all devices, incl. desktop PC’s, notebooks and laptops)
  • FrontFace for Netbooks (optimized for small screen and no touch screen)
  • FrontFace for Tablets (optimized for touch screen devices)
  • There will also be another special edition that addresses business users (FrontFace for Business) and one for internet-enabled public displays (FrontFace for Public Displays).

FrontFace is currently under development.

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