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New Security Features in Windows Phone 8.1

The Windows Phone operating system is secure. But Windows Phone 8.1 goes several steps further and offers several security features that are useful to the home user as well as the enterprise user. All devices need to be safe and secure, but this is more important for mobile devices and smartphones. This post talks of the Enterprise-level security features available in Windows Phone 8.1.

The Windows Phone operating system offers security features like such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) with virtual smart cards and PINs to its defense-in-depth, multilayered approach that addresses organizational security requirements in numerous ways. Windows Phone 8.1 shares many of the same underlying components, including those related to security, as Windows 8.1 and Windows Server 2012 R2 operating systems.

A Windows Phone 8.1 mobile device is malware resistant as it uses the same technologies that are used by Windows 8.1 desktop operating system. It secures the boot process, specifically UEFI and its Secure Boot component. UEFI Secure Boot verifies that the boot loader is trusted, and then Trusted Boot protects the rest of the startup process by verifying that all Windows boot components have integrity and can be trusted. If any malware has modified any file, Trusted Boot prevents such files from launching. Unsigned apps not from the Windows Store, are unable to run on Windows Phone.

Windows Phone 8.1 new security features

  1. Secured enrollment with MDM systems
  2. Security policy management
  3. Lock down the phone to a specified set of applications and settings (Assigned Access)
  4. Automatically initiate VPN connections (auto-triggered VPN)
  5. Remote Assistance
  6. Remote business data removal
  7. Encryption of apps and confidential organizational data on removable storage
  8. Support for Secure and Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
  9. Support for enterprise Wi-Fi connectivity
  10. Support for virtual smart cards
  11. Support for new virtual private network (VPN) tunnel types.

You can read more about all the existing and the new security features in Windows Phone, by downloading this ePaper from Microsoft.