New Microsoft Edge extensions work really well

Microsoft Edge after the recent Windows Insider update has transformed into a much better web browser. The whole operating system has improved, but we’re going to focus mainly on what Edge has to offer the general user and why folks should seriously consider switching. But with support for extensions, things are changing!

Pinterest, OneNote Edge extensions work well

Pinterest, OneNote Edge extensions work well

The first thing folks should notice about Microsoft Edge after updating, is the ability to download new and exciting extensions. Yes, Microsoft added two more extensions to the list, and these come in the form of Pinterest and OneNote. Furthermore, once an extension has been installed, the icon finally appears at the top when the “More” button is clicked.

We’ve always seen this in Microsoft videos and wondered why we couldn’t replicate it when we have installed extensions. Now we know that the software giant was using a version of Windows that was yet to be released to the public.

Apart from finally being able to see the extension icons when they are installed, users can now import favorites from Internet Explorer and Firefox. We’re sure Microsoft will add support for other web browsers in the future, but for now, these are the only ones available.

Another cool feature of the new Microsoft Edge, or better yet, an improvement to one of the old features, is this cool improvement to Cortana. We’ve long known that it was possible to use Cortana in Edge to gain more information about text on any web page, but now, it is also possible to learn about images. To do this, just right-click on the image and choose the Cortana option.

Cortana should then bring up relevant information about the image and where else on the web it can be found. It’s a neat feature, and it goes to show that Cortana is slowly turning out to be one of Microsoft’s key components moving forward. We expect to see Cortana integrated in many important aspects of Windows 10, including operating systems outside of Microsoft’s sphere of influence.

While these new features are great for Edge, the browser is still missing other key options that are a part of Internet Explorer. For example, Edge compared to Internet Explorer is very weak when blocking pop-ups. We’re sure there will be an extension for that in the near future, but Microsoft should aim to have it built-in. Furthermore, Edge is still prone to crashing out of nowhere.

Interestingly enough, the mobile version is just the same, so we have to wonder, when will Microsoft address this issue.

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