New Mail, Calendar, and People experiences in

New Mail, People, and Calendar experiences are coming to Microsoft is now unveiling the new features of webmail service, desktop app, and mobile app. The new features are aimed at the enterprise level customers. Calendar changes

New bill payment reminders are now added as the Calendar items in So, the new feature will now send you a bill payment reminder if you receive a bill in your email. This feature will automatically add your due date for the bill in your Calendar event, and will send you a reminder email two before the due date. This is quite similar to the travel reminders or reservation

Also, the new Calendar in Outlook will let you add your meeting locations in Calendar entries. Outlook for iOS is also getting this feature which also lets you book a meeting room according to your meeting location. It will also show you the availability of the rooms in your meeting location.

Furthermore, Outlook will also let you track the meeting attendees and RSVP via Calendar entries. So, you can track who all are attending the meeting even before you reach the meeting location. Mac and Windows users can set up a travel calendar entry according to different time zones too which helps in tracking the flight information. Email Changes

The new webmail service at Outlook will now be faster and smarter with more personalization options. Some newly added features in Outlook email include-

  • Skype integration– you can now start a Skype chat or free video call right from your inbox. Just select any contact from your contact list on Outlook and start the Skype conversation.
  • Easier categorization of emails-With the new and improved Outlook, you can now categorize your emails in a better way. You can create multiple categories and assign a specific name and color to each category.New Mail, Calendar, and People experiences in
  • Improved add-ins Experience- There will now be a simplified way to access your favorite add-ins in Outlook. The new Outlook brings your favorite apps right into your inbox giving you quick access and more control. You can now save any email directly on your notebook, send gifts or pay your friends, translate your email, etc. by using the apps like PayPal, Microsoft Translator, GIPHY, Boomerang, etc. right from your inbox. Installing the new add-ins will also be easier now.
  • Personalized inbox—you will now be able to change the theme or your inbox, get more control over how your emails are displayed, etc. with the new personalization settings in Outlook.

New People experience in

The new People experience in will let you create, view and edit your contacts in an easier and quicker way. People app in is now refurbished with new look and feel. There is a new profile card now attached to all your contacts. Just hover over any contact, and you can see the profile card.

Along with the new profile card, you can also add other details to your contacts such as the birthday or any specific personal notes. Plus, you can also assign a photo to all your contacts using the new feature named photo control. Furthermore, you can now send an email or a chat directly from the People view.

Overall, the New Mail, Calendar, and People features coming to will give you a new and enriched experience. Keep an eye on the official blog to know more about it.

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