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Features of the new Travel-ready Lenovo Windows 10 devices

The recent Mobile World Congress has been seeing several products launched from the manufacturers across the globe. For those who are unaware about Mobile World Congress, it is a conference and exhibition that features prominent executives representing mobile operators, device manufacturers, technology providers, vendors and content owners from across the world. One of the most significant launches in this year’s Mobile World Congress is the Lenovo Windows 10 laptops. These ‘travel-ready’ laptops are a great innovation towards combining mobility with traditional computing. Here are three Lenovo Windows 10 laptops that were unveiled in this year’s Mobile World Congress.

Travel-ready Lenovo Windows 10 devices & features

Microsoft and Lenovo together launched latest Windows 10 devices from Lenovo. These three devices include 2 PCs, namely YOGA 710 and YOGA 510 PCs, and a detachable tablet, ideapad MIIX 310. Mobility is the common factor between these three Lenovo Windows 10 laptops.

On this occasion, Johnson Jia, senior vice president, PC Business Group, Lenovo said,

“Technology advancements inspire us to live more vibrant and active lifestyles. Today people get connected wherever and whenever they want across devices. That’s why we’ve infused the YOGA 710 and 510 convertible laptops and ideapad MIIX 310 detachable tablet with the features needed to meet the most mobile users’ demands for productivity, entertainment and design by giving you PC productivity.”

Here are details about these three Lenovo Windows 10 laptops.

Lenovo YOGA 710 PC

Lenovo has brought some of the best convertibles in its category. The YOGA series has brought the new range of laptops that are flexible and highly efficient. Now, in addition to this, YOGA 710 PC has been introduced with Windows 10 OS. Being one of the Lenovo Windows 10 laptops, YOGA 710 PC serves as a hi-resolution, powerful convertible laptop. Here are some more interesting features of YOGA 710 PC:

The best part of all these Lenovo Windows 10 laptops are the battery life. YOGA 710 PC too offers more than eight hours of battery life, even when it has the 1080p display and Dolby Audio Premium surround sound.

Lenovo YOGA 510

If you are looking for slightly more features and power in the Lenovo Windows 10 laptops, then YOGA 510 should be the choice for you. Here are the features of YOGA 510 laptop.

Lenovo ideapad MIIX 310

The third in the series of Lenovo Windows 10 laptops is the ideapad MIIX 310 2-in-1 tablet. This is really the travel-ready device that can offer you maximum mobility. Here are its attractive features:

All these three Lenovo Windows 10 laptops and tablet offer magnificent performance options. So if you wish to have power and portability together, these opt for these Lenovo Windows 10 laptops.

Check out the price and availability of these laptops here.