New features & other highlights from SkyDrive team at Reddit AMA


  1. So some actual answers, along with a lot of corporate PR speak where they answer without actually answering the question.

  2. The new version of SkyDrive from Windows 8.1 appears to be somewhat less user friendly than the one we could install on Windows 8 RTM. As on the old version I could select to only sync specific folders but new one appears to sync all or nothing and I can not pause or schedule the sync. As most of us in Australia are on metered connections it makes things very difficult for us. As there is no option to change LAN connections to metered so our few GB monthly limits get used up in one weekend when the system tries to sync all of the Skydrive content. As we get separate quotas for night and day time, Would love the option to pause or schedule the sync to specific hours or to set the LAN to metered. This way would only use up one of the 2 quotas and would still be able to use internet from the other one.

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