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New features in Internet Explorer 9 – Guide, Fact Sheet, Summary from Microsoft

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 9 with several new features. Windows Internet Explorer 9 delivers web sites and applications that look and perform like native PC applications through the power of Windows.

The new features in the Internet Explorer 9 Release  Candidate (RC) continue to refine and improve the usability of the browser.

Here are a few new features:

1) Menu bar toggle allows you to permanently enable the menu bar with just a few clicks.

2) Internet Explorer 9 also gives you even more space to let your sites shine by reducing the frame pixels by five over the beta release to see more of your favorite  site’s content.

3) On the page context menu there is a new paste and navigate shortcut that gives you the ability to search or go straight to an address using copied text.


It is also  available as a shortcut key Ctrl+Shift+L.

4) With IE9, Microsoft has listened to customers and have implemented the ability to place tabs on a  separate row from the address bar providing you more space for all your tabs.

5) You will now be able to pin multiple home pages in a single pinned site with Internet Explorer 9 and open several web pages simultaneously.

6) Tracking Protection allows you to limit the browser ’s communication with certain websites—determined by a Tracking Protection List—to help keep your information private. Anyone can create Tracking Protection Lists, and there should be many to choose from in the near future.

7) With support for geolocation, Internet Explorer 9 enables a web application to access the current  geographical location of the PC running Internet Explorer, as specified in the Geo-location API specification. The webpage can then tailor the user experience according to location.

To get a complete idea about the new features in IE9, you may download these guides from Microsoft.

Download: IE9 New Features Summary | IE9 Product Guide | Internet Explorer 9 fact sheet.

Incidentally, IE9 RC now supports 40 languages and you can get details and download the language packs here.